Deputy PM visits flash flood-hit area in northern Việt Nam as death toll hits five

September 13, 2023 - 16:43
The floods also wreck havoc on local residents' houses and crops and aquaculture production sites. Serious landslides on several roads also caused traffic blockages in some areas.
Deputy Prime Minister Trần Hồng Hà ordered Lào Cai to closely follow weather developments and make plans to ensure people's safety as he visited the flashflood-hit area on Wednesday. — Photo courtesy of the Việt Nam Government Portal

HÀ NỘI — Deputy Prime Minister Trần Hồng Hà and a Government delegation on Wednesday visited Liên Minh Commune, Sa Pa Town, in the northern mountainous province of Lào Cai, where the flashflood late Tuesday night has resulted in dozens of casualties.

According to a quick report from the Permanent Office of the Lào Cai Province Search and Rescue Command, as of 3pm Wednesday, the floods have caused five deaths (four in Liên Minh Commune and one in Làng Giàng Commune, Văn Bàn District), four people missing, and four others injured.

The floods also wreaked havoc on local residents' houses and crops and aquaculture production sites. Serious landslides on several roads also caused traffic blockages in some areas.

Sa Pa has deployed some 200 people, including police and military officers as well as local residents, to carry out search and rescue, while work is being carried out to ensure traffic safety.

After conducting field inspections and visiting some of the affected families, Deputy PM Hà requested Lào Cai Province, along with local authorities, promptly compile an accurate tally of the number of people who have died or gone missing due to the floods.

Local search and rescue forces need to quickly search for the missing individuals and provide assistance to the families affected by the natural disasters.

In addition to the efforts to overcome the consequences of the floods, Lào Cai should study and propose to the central government on a plan to support families affected by the floods, particularly those engaged in farming sturgeon and salmon.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment should promptly study areas that are frequently affected by natural disasters and issue early warnings to residents and local authorities in order to implement preventive measures and minimise the damages caused by such disasters.

A damaged road in Nậm Cang 1 village following the flashlood on Tuesday night. — VNA/VNS Photo Quốc Khánh

Deputy PM underscored that Lào Cai Province Province should review the planning of hydroelectric power plants and forest protection measures in order to limit flash floods and landslides that occur during heavy localised rains.

The province should also take a look at population planning and provide recommendations to residents living near rivers and streams, especially in highland areas with steep terrain, on disaster prevention measures to minimise human and material losses.

Furthermore, local authorities should regularly inspect streams during the rainy season to detect and alert residents to any blockages in the flow, enabling them to take preventive measures.

The Government official has also visited to pay condolences and presented gifts to two families who lost their relatives to the floodwaters in Liên Minh Commune.

Lào Cai authorities are ordering Sa Pa to quickly review of all households within landslides and flood-prone areas and make a prompt evacuation plan when needed, as well as promptly relocate households in dangerous areas to safer grounds. — VNS

A damaged bridge. — VNA/VNS Photo Quốc Khánh