DRVN to focus on building and perfecting regulations related to roads

December 24, 2022 - 09:10
Deputy Minister of Transport Lê Đình Thọ was speaking at the conference to review the works in 2022 and implement the tasks of the 2023 plans.


DRVN takes the lead in applying science and technology, especially road maintenance. VNA/VNS Photo 

HÀ NỘI The Department for Roads of Việt Nam (DRVN), under the Ministry of Transport, should prioritise building and perfecting regulations related to roads, a senior official said.

Deputy Minister of Transport Lê Đình Thọ was speaking at the conference to review the works in 2022 and implement the tasks of the 2023 plans.

"In particular, we must focus on amending the Road Traffic Law to create a sustainable legal corridor for new development models, in line with reality," he said.

"Road is an area that greatly impacts society, so the DRVN needs to be aware of its responsibilities and carefully consider every decision."

He pointed out that there are still many problems in the road industry, such as strategies, mechanisms, planning, construction investment, maintenance management and transportation.

He said: "Transport plays an important role in the nation's economy. However, at present, transportation costs still account for a high proportion of logistics costs because the connection of modes of Transport is still limited."

The road industry has only two mechanisms: public passenger transport and bus station investment.

The Deputy Minister has requested the DRVN to continue to study and propose a mechanism for mobilising financial resources for long-term investment.

"Road maintenance work is inherently a particular job while financial resources from the State budget have not met the requirements.

Therefore, we need to implement with focus, prioritise dealing with traffic accident black spots, upgrade and expand roads to ensure sustainability."

In five fields of traffic, the road industry has pioneered the application of science and technology, especially in road maintenance.

"If science and technology are well applied in maintenance work, it will solve the current limitations of manual labour."

DRVN also needs to study and build a data centre because the road industry has many data types, such as driver training, transportation, and road and bridge data.

"This will be a breakthrough for the industry if successfully implemented," said Deputy Minister of Transport Lê Đình Thọ.

Nguyễn Xuân Cường, DRVN's Director, said that in 2022, in terms of road maintenance, the was assigned nearly VNĐ10,500 billion to maintain more than 25,000 km of national highways.

By December 15, more than VNĐ9,500 billion had been disbursed ( reaching 91 per cent of the yearly plan).

By the end of December 2022, it is expected that 100 per cent of the 2022 spending estimate will be completed.

In 2022, the DRVN detected and handled 26 black points in traffic accidents; newly-built road markings and signs repaired many damaged road works. VNS