US announces 10 more liquid oxygen systems for Việt Nam’s hospitals

September 27, 2022 - 17:55
In Việt Nam, on-site oxygen storage at smaller and provincial hospitals is rare, necessitating dependence on regular oxygen deliveries


The event participants, including USAID/Việt Nam Mission Director Aler Grubbs (left), tour a mini exhibition at the event on the application of the oxygen systems. — Photo from the US Embassy in Việt Nam

HÀ NỘI — The United States Mission to Việt Nam, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has announced liquid oxygen systems for 10 additional Vietnamese hospitals

USAID/Việt Nam Mission Director Aler Grubbs made the announcement Monday afternoon alongside leaders from the Ministry of Health and numerous provincial departments of health, who gathered to celebrate the completion of USAID’s installation of liquid oxygen systems in 13 hospitals across five provinces.

Increasing patient access to oxygen strengthens the nation’s health care system and saves lives. The completed liquid oxygen systems help 13 hospitals to support the care of patients with severe cases of COVID-19, as well as patients suffering other respiratory ailments, such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Over the next year, USAID will install new liquid oxygen systems in 10 hospitals located in some of the poorest and most remote areas of Việt Nam across six additional provinces.

This support further strengthens the long-standing health cooperation between the United States and Việt Nam, as the two countries approach 10 years of Comprehensive Partnership.

“The U.S. Government is proud to support the Government of Việt Nam on its COVID-19 response and advancing health security,” said USAID/Việt Nam Mission Director Grubbs.

“The 13 newly installed liquid oxygen systems significantly improve critical health care in five provinces. We will provide Việt Nam with 10 more such systems over the coming year in six more provinces – to further strengthen the nation’s health care system and save lives.”  

In Việt Nam, on-site oxygen storage at smaller and provincial hospitals is rare, necessitating dependence on regular oxygen deliveries. However, oxygen can run out in times of surge demand, as happened during waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals have an urgent need for a reliable supply of oxygen. 

USAID provides liquid oxygen systems with an on-site storage tank, vaporiser to convert liquid oxygen in the tank to gaseous oxygen, and a pressure regulator, which is connected to the hospital’s piping to transport the oxygen to patients’ bedsides.

USAID is also providing related staff training, equipment, and supplies to administer the oxygen, such as high-flow nasal tubing and patient monitors, which allow hospital staff to efficiently track patients’ vital signs and quickly respond to changes in patient conditions.

USAID’s installation of the 23 liquid oxygen systems and related support, valued at $7.5 million, helps Việt Nam’s hospitals provide thousands of additional patients with a reliable supply of medical oxygen.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States and Việt Nam have joined hands to tackle this big public health challenge. U.S. contributions, including technical support, life-saving medical equipment, and more than 40 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, have helped Việt Nam’s own remarkable response to this global challenge. — VNS