Krong Pa District's new-age rural development

July 12, 2022 - 08:29
Phú Cần Commune was the first to gain the 'New Rural Commune' standard of Krong Pa District, the Tây Nguyên (Central Highlands) province of Gia Lai.


A rural road in Chư Gu Commune, Krong Pa District (Gia Lai) is concreted.

GIA LAI — With appropriate policies and support from the government, Krong Pa District hopes that the rural construction movement here will achieve more success.

Phú Cần Commune was the first to gain the 'New Rural Commune' standard of Krong Pa District, the Tây Nguyên (Central Highlands) province of Gia Lai.

Kpă Cường, Vice Chairman of Phú Cần Commune People's Committee, said that to be recognised as the first new rural commune of the district, as well as receiving support from the State, the local people played a decisive role in the infrastructure development programme to gain New Rural Commune standard.

People have donated land and contributed working days to build roads to facilitate travel and agricultural production development.

The face of Phú Cần Commune today has changed a lot with new concrete roads and houses built on both sides of the road.

Rơ Chăm Gie, in Thim Village of Phú Cần Commune. proudly said: "My family has donated 1,400sq.m of land to build the beautiful big concrete road.

"Since having this new road in the commune, it has become more convenient to travel.”

As a poor district, where people were mainly working in agriculture, Krong Pa District authorities made good use of support resources to build and develop the new rural commune-building movement that achieved proud results.

Hồ Văn Thảo, the chairman of the People's Committee of Krong Pa District, said in recent years, especially the years of COVID all communes faced a lot of difficulties.

The pandemic and natural disasters have greatly affected the lives and productivity of people and businesses in the district.

Therefore, the goals of socio-economic development were also reduced.

However, with the efforts of local authorities and people, three of 13 communes in the district gained the New Rural Commune standard.

The district authorities have also promoted the role of the community in preserving and developing specific local agricultural products with ten products, meeting the favourite taste of customers and creating a start-up movement.

However, the district is still facing many difficulties, especially regarding water resources and farming methods for key crops.

Krong Pa District has a large agricultural land area (more than 48,000 ha), however, the proportion of agricultural land with an irrigation system is very limited at only about 3,000 ha.

For socio-economic development, Hồ Văn Thảo said that in the future the district must focus on developing its irrigation system, and guide and support people to change crop structure with crops suitable for natural conditions such as beans.

The district authorities will also support people to change farming methods for a key crop (cassava) to increase productivity and output.

Criteria in 19 areas of building a new rural commune, including planning, transport infrastructure and irrigation, have been identified. VNS