Soldiers take on extra tasks to help disadvantaged people

May 31, 2022 - 06:52

Soldiers of the Phú Tân Border Station in the Mekong Delta have been helping disadvantaged people in their area, as part of the national patriotic emulation movement.


Major Trần Văn Ánh, of the Phú Tân Border Station, helps Võ Vũ Trường Giang with his learning at home. — VNA/VNS Photo

TIỀN GIANG — Soldiers of the Phú Tân Border Station in the Mekong Delta have been helping disadvantaged people in their area with access to education and healthcare.

Võ Vũ Trường Giang, a 4th-grade student of Phú Tân Primary and Secondary School, lost his mother at a young age. He lives with his father and two younger siblings and is supported by the Border Guards in accessing education.

On weekdays, under the 'accompanying children to go to school' campaign, Major Trần Văn Ánh brings him to and from school.

Major Ánh said that in responding to the patriotic emulation movement launched by the unit, he and his comrades had specific tasks.

As the adoptive father of Trường Giang, he and the unit monitor, nurture and help him in the learning process and family work, creating trust and motivation for the child to study, practise and mature.

From June 2020 to May 2022, Phú Tân Border Station adopted two children and contributed sponsorship for eight students with VNĐ500,000 per month. 

Phú Tân Border Station also maintained the effective operation of the 'civilian-military clinic' campaign.

From the beginning of 2022 up to now, the Military People's Medical Clinic has examined and provided medicine for hundreds of patients who come for medical examination and treatment. 

Since June 2020, they have received nearly 800 patients for free medical examination and treatment.

Major Trần Công Triều, a military medical officer, said that people trusted and felt secure when coming for medical examination and treatment. They were also advised on how to prevent illness and protect themselves and their families, especially against COVID-19.

Phú Tân Border Station also implemented a campaign of 'rice jars of love' to support people in difficulties and mobilised people to donate hundreds of gifts to the poor and lonely in the area. 

Since June of last year, they have contributed 750kg of rice as part of the campaign. The unit also delivered 1,205 gifts worth a total of VNĐ367 million to poor families and households during holidays like Tết (Lunar New Year).

Major Trần Văn Tiểu, of Phú Tân Border Station, said: “The unit has praised good examples and good deeds in order to promptly encourage, and replicate within the unit.”

Colonel Bùi Văn Vũ, deputy political commissar of the Tiền Giang Province's Border Guard, said that the effective implementation of the patriotic emulation movement has become a driving force for officers and soldiers of the Phú Tân Border Guard force. 

"They always uphold the will, energy and spirit, and are determined to firmly protect the sovereignty of sea and island borders, contributing to maintaining political security and safety in border areas." — VNS