Hà Nội citizens look forward to peace

February 28, 2019 - 07:00

Hà Nội has been in the spotlight this week for hosting the historic meeting of two global political heavyweights. Vietnamese and expats living in the city speak with Việt Nam News about their feelings on this special occasion.

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Hà Nội has been in the spotlight this week for hosting the historic meeting of two global political heavyweights. Vietnamese and expats living in the city speak with Việt Nam News about their feelings on this special occasion.

Vũ Quý, Hanoian

Vũ Quý

I used to be a solider, I understand the devastation of war and feel hatred towards the war. If war happens, both sides will suffer, especially the people. My utmost expectation for the summit is only peace. Leaving the past behind and looking forward to peace.

I am going to buy flags and put them on my three-wheeler to welcome the leaders. Seeing flowers and flags on the streets and everyone in a rush preparing for the summit, I feel excitement spread among Hanoians. The excitement is a sign of optimism for peace.

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thủy, Hanoian

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thủy

I felt very excited and since the early morning I was waiting here with other citizens and reporters to welcome Chairman Kim’s arrival at the hotel. This is a historic moment for not only Việt Nam but also the whole world. I took many photos and recorded a lot of footage. I hope something nice will happen at the summit. Peace is the biggest thing that I’m looking forward to.

Trương Thanh Đức –Trump-Kim T-shirt seller on Hà Nội’s Hàng Bông Street

Trương Minh Đức

I express my admiration for the two leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, by printing their images on T-shirts and putting them on sale. I expect the summit’s final outcome will be peace and there will be solutions for denuclearisation to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea. I also hope that this will bring more jobs to DPRK people.

Ngọc Lê, Hanoian

Ngọc Lê

In 2018, ‘Singapore’ was a hot keyword on Google, international media and social media when it hosted the first DPRK - USA summit. In 2019, Hà Nội becomes a new hot keyword when holds the second DPRK - USA summit. This proves that Việt Nam has experience in organising international conferences with luxurious infrastructure and is secure enough to host world leaders. I think the most significant benefit is that Hà Nội and Việt Nam will gain an excellent reputation among the international community and become a famous tourism, economic and cultural destination in the region and the world.

I think not only me but also Hà Nội citizens are thrilled to welcome the two leaders to Hà Nội. I hope that besides the main summit, the two leaders will spend time to meet Vietnamese leaders to discuss economic, trade and cultural co-operation opportunities and support each other. Việt Nam can use this opportunity to establish economic relations with the DPRK because this is a new and large market for Vietnamese companies.

Nguyễn Thảo Hiền, Hanoian

Nguyễn Thảo Hiền

With thousands of international reporters attending the summit, Hà Nội is standing in front of a one-of-the-kind opportunity to show the world the value, spirit and beauty of “the city for peace”.

Streets these days are being decorated with flowers and symbols which vividly reflect Vietnamese traditions.

As Hanoians, my friends and I are eager to become ambassadors, bridging the 1,000-year-old capital with international friends. Fine cuisine, breath-taking landscapes, traditional culture and friendliness are what Hà Nội has to offer.

The previous trip of former US President Obama to Việt Nam put Hà Nội’s bún chả (vermicelli with grilled pork) on the world’s food map. We are waiting to see whether another authentic dish will become famous. Could it be President Trump’s bún đậu (vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste) or Chairman Kim’s trà đá (iced tea)? Who knows?

Jason Lusk, US expat in Hà Nội

Jason Lusk

I did not vote for Donald Trump, and I am not one of his political supporters. But regardless of how I feel about President Trump or Chairman Kim, I celebrate all overtures of peace between their countries. I am proud that Hà Nội is hosting a summit that will make a positive contribution to human history.

As an investor in Việt Nam, I welcome anything that brings more peace, stability, and trade to Asia. As a resident of Hà Nội, I am proud to see Hà Nội shine on the world stage. This week, I think all expats share Việt Nam’s excitement to be hosting an event of global importance.

Geopolitically, Việt Nam is perfect neutral ground for a summit between the US and North Korea. Việt Nam is a friend to the world – and it is clear to everyone that Việt Nam has uniquely constructive relationships with all stakeholders: North and South Korea, as well as China, Japan, and the United States.

It is my prayer that the summit will move the Korean Peninsula closer to peace and prosperity. De-escalation and constructive engagement between the two Koreas will do a lot to further Asia’s continuing growth and development.

Ri Yong Hui from DPRK, married to a Vietnamese man

I hope that the US-DPRK relationship gets better and the US will lift sanctions and help the DPRK so the country can develop.

Denise Stilley, US expat in Hà Nội 

Denise Stilley

As an American working and living in Hà Nội, I can understand why this city would be a good halfway point for the US and North Korea to come to terms.  Hà Nội has enjoyed bursting economic development, but still maintained its political discourse. Việt Nam is a good example of the benefits that investment, foreign trade and diplomatic ties could bring to a country like North Korea in a short amount of time. 

Hà Nội and Việt Nam in general, have been in the spotlight a lot recently hosting the ASEAN summit, winning the ASEAN football championship and now hosting on the world stage an historic political summit between two politically polar countries. This casts light on Hà Nội as a "City for Peace", a city that has risen through the ashes of history to the world’s platform, demonstrating what resilience, modification and understanding can bring to a country and its people.   

Aside from the traffic and congestion that this summit will cause and basking in living a life far away from Trump who has now arrived at my doorstep, I am happy for the pride and people of Việt Nam to be that political bridge between east and west. Surely it is an opportunity for all three countries to introspectively examine their political structures under the microscope of the world stage. — VNS