HCM City urged to regain its standing after long COVID-19 struggle

November 17, 2021 - 07:26
State President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc yesterday asked HCM City to soon regain its position and standing in all fields after experiencing more than 200 days combating the pandemic. 


President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc and other National Assembly deputies meet with voters in HCM City on Tuesday via videoconference of out COVID precautions. — VNA/VNS Photo

HCM CITY — State President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc on Tuesday asked HCM City to soon regain its position and standing in all fields after experiencing more than 200 days combating the pandemic. 

"The important issue now is to regain the position and the image of HCM City in all aspects of the economy, social resources, healthcare and education, as the city was targeted to become a modern urban area," Phúc said.

The President and other National Assembly deputies in the delegation of HCM City met with voters in Củ Chi and Hóc Môn districts on Tuesday. They discussed with voters the results of the latest National Assembly meeting that was wrapped up on Saturday. 

He said the city must be well-prepared and more active in COVID-19 prevention and control, as the pandemic is still developing in a complicated manner in the city. A fifth wave of the pandemic has appeared in some places around the world.

Phúc said that for the last few months, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread widely across the city, strict and long social distancing measures were imposed, which disrupted the city’s economy and affected people’s physical and mental health.

“Solving the problems caused by the pandemic requires much time,” Phúc said, adding that the city could completely enter the new-normal stage by the end of this year or even early next year.

The city must focus on activities that ensure disease prevention and control while speeding up economic recovery and development, Phúc said, asking for further practical policies to support enterprises and workers.

He said that any workers returning to the city must be vaccinated against the COVID-19.

The city also needs to pay more attention to housing projects for workers and low-income earners, he added.

The President pointed out several key tasks for completion in HCM City, including the restoration of transportation activities to ensure the supply of goods. Local authorities have been asked to talk with enterprises to understand the difficulties they are facing, so authorities can help them overcome them.

“The city also needs to pay attention to and solve social and security issues. The city needs to focus on COVID-19 vaccination for students and school re-opening," Phúc said.

During talks with the President, voters expressed concern about COVID-19 control and the economic recovery of HCM City and the country at large.

Voter Trần Thị Cúc, from Phước Thạnh Commune, Củ Chi District, said that people are now better aware of the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Cúc expects that COVID-19 vaccines developed and made in Việt Nam will soon be approved for use.

Voter Phan Thị Tuyết Anh, from Hóc Môn Town, said that she was worried about the reduced effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines over time.

She asked for a third COVID-19 vaccine dose for people, suggesting that vaccines should be provided free to disadvantaged people, while those better-off could pay for the vaccines themselves. 

“Paid vaccines could help increase the accessibility of vaccines for people while reducing the burden on the State’s budget,” she said. 

From Củ Chi Town, Venerable Thích Thiện Tâm said that people in suburban districts of Củ Chi mostly earned their living from agricultural production which has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many people to fall into difficult situations.

The venerable expects the leaders of the Party and State, as well as authorities in HCM City, to implement mechanisms and policies that help farmers and agriculture workers access support packages to help them overcome their difficulties.

Voter Mai Thị Hòa Uyên, from Trung Lập Thượng commune, Củ Chi District, said that over past decades, agricultural production in HCM City and the whole country has been “seasonal, spontaneous and unplanned”, resulting in modest productivity and efficiency. Farmers struggle to find outputs for their products even when they get bumper crops.

"Currently, it is difficult for both agricultural production and consumption. A sharp increase in costs affects people's incomes. They need support to reinvest in farming and get stable income", she said. — VNS