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Public security forces determined to protect elections

Update: May, 12/2021 - 08:00


Major General Tô Ân Xô. — VNA/VNS Photo Doãn Tấn

Major General Tô Ân Xô, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security, spoke to Vietnam News Agency about security arrangements for the upcoming elections of deputies to the National Assembly (NA) and all-level People’s Councils.

The elections of deputies to the NA and all-level People’s Council are important political events of the country that will take place nationwide on May 23. Can you please explain what work is being carried out to ensure election security and order?

Top security for the election has been done nationwide early and in all fields.

From July 2020, following the issuance of the Politburo’s Directive No. 45, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security determined that ensuring absolute security and safety for the elections would be a key political task of the entire police force. The minister developed detailed plans on how to protect the elections.

The ministry has deployed many inspections in localities, especially in key areas, to review and evaluate the performance of tasks on ensuring security and order.

The police force nationwide has helped local governments to handle many issues, disputes, lawsuits, conflicts and people's concerns, and to prevent and foil any fraudulent activities.

The police force has also deployed many checks to crack down on criminals and combat illegal immigration in order to ensure top security for election day.

What are the similarities and differences in ensuring security and order for the upcoming elections compared to the protection for the 13th National Party Congress that took place on January 25?

The police force worked closely with other forces and did its best to ensure top security and safety for the 13th National Party Congress.

The similarity here is hostile forces and criminals thoroughly take advantage of these great events to promote propaganda, distort and incite sabotage, especially in cyberspace, against the country. 

In addition to protecting these events, the public security forces still have to maintain other regular work, as well as actively participate on the front line preventing and controlling COVID-19.

The difference is that ensuring security, order and safety for the Party Congress was deployed in the highest concentration in the capital city while the protection of upcoming elections must be widely developed across the country, focusing on nearly 85,000 polling stations, including many in remote areas, borders and islands. 

The police force also must cooperate with other forces to make sure voters strictly follow election regulations.

The complicated development of COVID-19 has also posed unprecedented challenges in the deploying of forces and measures to ensure absolute security and safety for the elections.

We only have two weeks left until election day. What key tasks should the police force focus on?

Preparation for the protection on election day has been basically completed comprehensively and synchronously across the country. On May 12, the Ministry of Public Security will hold a nationwide online conference to assign tasks and issue orders to ensure security and order during election.

The protection plans will be reviewed, checked and adjusted to suit the actual situation, especially in COVID-19 quarantine areas. 

Complicated issues and cases in localities as well as complaints and denunciations related to candidates and election work will continue to be resolved in accordance with the law, ensuring internal political security and stepping up the fight to counter wrong and hostile views and raising awareness and responsibility of police officers and people in participating in the election.

Fighting crimes, illegal entry and tracing all cases in close contact with COVID-19 patients as well as fire prevention, traffic safety will continue to be our focus. — VNS



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