Advantage of on-line administrative procedures

December, 23/2019 - 05:20

Hoàng Trung, director general of the Plant Protection Department, speaks to the newspaper Nông thôn Ngày nay (Countryside Today) on the benefits of moving to an online system to help speed up procedures.


A businessman receives administrative procedure results at a one-stop-shop section at the Plant Protection Department. Photo 

Hoàng Trung, director of the Plant Protection Department, speaks to Nông thôn Ngày nay (Countryside Today) newspaper on the benefits of moving to an online system to help speed up procedures.

What has the Plant Protection Department learned from the administrative reform in 2019?

A guiding principle for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Plant Protection Department in 2019 is to give the best service to all enterprises and people, particularly relating to the plant protection system.

To achieve this goal, we have chosen the most capable staff to work at the “one stop shop” section to give the best service to the enterprises and other clients. For example, in 2018 all the services offered by the department were done in person, now in 2019 they are done on-line. This has saved quite a lot of time and money for our department and our clients.

If in the past, for the task of phytosanitary certification, we could handle some 1,500 dossiers nationwide in a day, of which 50 per cent were related to imported goods. But since the introduction of the one-stop-shop, we have saved quite a lot of time on the paper work.

And more recently, we have co-operated with the Viettel Corporation to develop a special software to cut the time for a client to go through the custom check.

Will you please talk in detail about the one-stop-shop in granting the phytosanitary certificate which has been recently been assigned to your department?

Our department has been assigned with the task on quality control of imported feed for both animals and fish. We have recently completed a set of documents detailing the requirements.

In a near future when the Law on Animal Husbandry comes into force and the Law on Fisheries is subjected to some changes and the enactment of the Decree 74 on the State Control of the quality of all materials, particularly products from animal husbandry, we will then have to revise our current software to make it comply with the new requirements.

What are the benefits brought about by the streamlining of the administrative procedures?

There are two most important benefits. First, it helps us save a lot of time in performing our tasks and second, the enterprises could save some money from travelling.

However, the running of the new software has sometimes caused technical problems due to the discrepancies between the new and old systems. In that situation, we have to do our jobs both on paper and then on-line.

We hope this technical problem will soon be fixed. — VNS