Overtime regulations need careful thought

This is the time that needs active role of trade union and labour organisations in supervising overtime violations in order to protect employee’s rights. Hopefully the more independent organisations truly represent employee’s rights, the better supervising role of these associations will take effect.


Reduced class size a must to better education quality

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) set the maximum number of students per classroom no more than 35, but overcrowding in schools has been taking place for years, especially at pre-school, primary and even lower secondary education levels in big cities.


There’s nothing such as safe drinking

Alcohol consumption can harm the drinker, but what’s worse is when it harms an innocent. On August 27, 2017, Hoàng Văn Thuận, 39, went from work to his friend’s house in Nghệ An Province to drink. Getting home after wards, drunk, Thuận raped his own daughter, who was just 14 years old.


Examining fallout of high school exam scandal

The new kind of exam lifted such a burden from the students and their families. That all localities have decent infrastructure to host a national-level exam was one necessary condition for the two-in-one test. But the other, in which localities must ensure the security, secrecy and general quality of the exam, was somehow missing.


When adults cheat on exams, we all fail

TV footage of Hà Giang's students and their parents braving the cold and the angry water during the time made a fine example of dedication and the strength of human spirit in the face of adversity. The country looked north with sympathy and admiration. Fast forward half a month and the province now finds itself at the centre of a national scandal: they were found to have modified the results of more than a hundred students favourably. How did they get there? 


The truth about the lie of the land

It was Mark Twain who inimitably said: “Buy land, they are not making it anymore.” Sound advice when land is turned into a commodity that is bought and sold in a “free market,” but this is a mythical entity for many people in Việt Nam, because they can only dream of owning a piece of land or a home in the nation’s urban areas.


We need to be vigilant about vigilantism

It was the stuff of action movies.

Five unarmed men stepped in to foil a group of armed thieves as they were trying to unlock and steal a motorbike.

A violent scuffle broke out, but, unlike in most movies, the heroes did not emerge winners, scathed or unscathed.


Do we want to reverse or advance our brain drain?

A professor at Hoa Sen University in HCM City who shot to fame when he taught a class on innovation wearing a pair of shorts has come up short at the hand of some bureaucrats’ rigid interpretation of regulations.


‘Wasting’ our lives, we’ll let our country go to waste

Nothing else will work. More than a year after a hefty increase in fines for littering violations, there has been no appreciable improvement in the situation, not a dent in the magnitude of change that is needed. We can no longer afford to accept inane, comforting messages that say small actions make a big difference. We need big actions that make a huge difference!


Gov’t lags behind in digital era

During an unprecedented trial between a HCM City taxi firm against Grab, a Uber-type company, for alleged unfair competition, the judge posed a simple but fundemental question: “What field was Grab’s business licence registered in?”