NEFIN Group, a major Asian carbon neutral solutions provider continues to grow in Taiwan

March 10, 2021 - 16:06
NEFIN Group, a major Asian carbon neutral solutions provider continues to grow in Taiwan

NEFIN–Honda Logistics solar energy project officially completed


HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 10 March 2021 - The leading solar photovoltaic developer and investor in carbon neutrality solutions, NEFIN Group, and a renewable partner of several Fortune 500 corporate customers, announced today that Worldwide Logistics Services, Inc. (W.L.S.)'s solar photovoltaic rooftop project in Taoyuan is officially completed. The solar project covers an area of ​​approximately 13,562 square meters with Honda Logistics, a subsidiary of the Japanese Honda Group, as the warehouse user.

This rooftop project offers a solar capacity of 1764.33kW, with an average annual power generation of 2,086,725 kWh. It will help reduce an average 1,104 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, which is equivalent to planting 111,203 trees. It is a big step forward for Honda Logistics' overall emission reduction target.

Honda Logistics currently has two factories in Taiwan - the Pingtung Headquarters and the Yangmei Logistics Center. In order to implement Honda Group's energy saving and carbon reduction policy in recent years, the roofs of both factories have been equipped with solar energy panels, signifying completion of the first wave of its renovation plans.

Mr Glenn Lim, CEO of NEFIN Group, said: "We are strongly committed to co-operating with corporates of all sizes to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality to create a sustainable future. As the technical requirements of each plant or roof are different, the NEFIN team is actively involved throughout the entire process, from planning to construction. With our extensive experience and strong focus on safety and quality control, NEFIN can help customers to improve the productivity of clean energy effectively and reduce operational costs. We also ensure the seamless integration of solar photovoltaic systems and buildings safely and with minimal interruption to daily operations. "

"As more of our partners aim to reach RE100, NEFIN Group has ambitious goals to continue to expand its carbon neutrality offerings to provide the latest, most reliable and comprehensive solutions to corporates."

W.L.S.'s Manager, Mr Wei Quan, commented, "We chose to work with NEFIN Group as we believe in their extensive experience, integrity, quality of work, passion towards green energy and also their focus on safety. As expected, the team has completed such complicated and state-of-the-art project in slightly over six months."

Honda Logistics Taiwan said: "We are grateful for having the opportunity to participate in the rooftop solar energy project with NEFIN and W.L.S. Energy saving and carbon reduction is one of our company's policies that have grown in great importance in recent years. Therefore, after the first wave of solar energy transformation plans, the company also started to replace original factory lighting with power-saving LEDs and shift to paperless daily operations. We hope to achieve the goals previously set and take actions to support the development of green energy and strengthen measures against climate change."

In line with the Taiwan government's green energy policy, Taiwan Power Company aims to have a 20% renewable energy power generation by 2025, in which the solar photovoltaic installation capacity needs to reach 20GW. In order to effectively achieve the goal of green energy generation and improve the overall resilience of the distribution network, Taiwan Power Company has developed a "distribution-level regenerative energy management system" to regulate power distribution and maintain stable power supply. In the future, large-scale solar power plants will need to connect their own systems with Taiwan Power Company's DREAMS system so as to avoid voltage shocks when a large amount of solar power is integrated into the grid, which will affect the quality of power supply. NEFIN--Honda's corporation is included in this overall plan.

Mr Li Junxian, General Manager of NEFIN Taiwan, said: "In line with the green energy policy promoted by the government aggressively, we do feel that Taiwanese companies are actively adopting green energy and emission reduction strategies. In addition to enterprises with self-owned factories, many large multinational and local companies choose to rent factories or buildings with a more complete green energy and emission reduction infrastructure. We believe that for companies that want to maintain a competitive advantage in the corporate market, the best choice is having renewable energy as an integral part of its operations."

After the revisions to the Electricity Act to liberalize electricity trading, green energy consumers can purchase green electricity and vouchers through electricity producers. NEFIN Group will rely on its extensive experience in renewable energy in Taiwan and internationally to move towards the emerging industries of the power trading market and contribute to the diversified market of renewable energy.

About NEFIN Group

NEFIN Group is a regional renowned solar developer and investor with bespoke experience in solar system deployment and a committed partner to organizations that aim to achieve carbon neutrality. Founded by a core management team of DuPont Solar Business, legal experts, and investment bankers, NEFIN Group has collectively delivered over 300MW of utility-scale, commercial, and industrial rooftop solar systems regionally. The group offers consulting services such as due diligence, feasibility studies, and lender-technical advice on top of project development, system design, engineering, and asset management. NEFIN Group also offers flexible financing options to partners who opt for zero investment. Please refer to NEFIN's website for more information.

About Worldwide Logistics Services, Inc.

Founded in September 2006, Worldwide Logistics Services Inc was previously the Yang Mei station of the Worldwide Freight Terminal Inc (Worldwide Freight). Worldwide Freight was established in 1969 when Taiwan was migrating from agricultural to industrial era. Before Taiwan was opened up to foreign trade, Worldwide Freight was already working closely with international giants including Sea Land and Maersk Line. In 1971, Worldwide Freight restructured resources and setup its large-scale container terminal at Xizhi. With the approximately 20,000 square-meters of facilities, the terminal provided swift container and cargo logistics support since then. The company setup the Yang Mei station in 1992. With over 20 years of terminal experience, the company has developed its own computerized operating system. With both software and hardware in place, mission of the company is to safely dispatch all client's cargos in an efficient manner.

About Honda Logistics Taiwan Co., Ltd

Honda Logistics Taiwan Co., Ltd (Honda Logistics) is a subsidiary of Honda Logistics of Japan. It has two factories in Taiwan, Pingtung Headquarters and Taoyuan Yangmei Logistics Center. Its main business includes four-wheel products shipment, collection and packaging, warehousing and logistics, and parts' repair. As Honda's core logistics company, the parent company Honda Logistics actively promotes global expansion in cooperation with Honda itself and has grown into a global company with 36 subsidiaries in 15 countries around the world. The group also has business units in Europe, America, South America, and Asia.