Webb Fontaine Announces Official Launch of Far-reaching Nepal National Single Window Trade and Customs project

February 09, 2021 - 01:49
Webb Fontaine Announces Official Launch of Far-reaching Nepal National Single Window Trade and Customs project

DUBAI, UAE - EQS Newswire - 9 February 2021 - Webb Fontaine and the Nepal Government have officially launched the Nepal National Single Window system (NNSW). The Nepal Department of Customs, who are the lead agency in this project, choose as a launch date Jan 26th which is WCO (World Customs Organisation) International Customs Day to emphasise the synergy between the Trade Single Window platform and Customs clearance processes.    

Recently brought online the platform will interconnect 40 government and private agencies involved in Nepal international trade cycle. The new NNSW system will have a substantial impact on the country's end-to-end logistics supply chain network and will boost its competitiveness regionally and on the global stage.

As the provider of the solution, Webb Fontaine worked closely with Nepal's Department of Customs (DoC) and other major government bodies and stakeholders to set up the NNSW project.

A fully digitised online system, the NNSW significantly thrusts the operations associated with import and export practices through the use of AI and advanced technologies.

Powered by Webb Fontaine's tried and tested technologies and network solutions, the NNSW system securely integrates a wide range of processes related to the smooth operation of the Trade and Customs cycle involving governmental and private organisations. 

The project is strategically aligned with a number of key initiatives, including World Bank sponsored Nepal India Regional Trade and Transport Project (NIRTTP).

The NNSW will dramatically reduce the processing time and costs associated with bringing goods in and out of the country. The NNSW system will propel Trade movements and will streamline processes by doing away with the need for traders to visit various government offices. Instead, all of the required registrations and fees can be processed via one centralised online portal.

Led by Webb Fontaine, the NNSW system has created a 'one-stop-shop' where Traders and Customs stakeholders can easily access services such as licenses submission and ePayments digitally.

The NNSW also offers officials in Nepal greater information about imports and exports, reduces any shortfalls in revenue collection and considerably boosts the financial viability and success of Customs operations. 

The NNSW will support the NIRTTP by completely restructuring the trade supply chain between Nepal and India. All of the NNSW's key processes and procedures are applicable to the full scope of Nepal's current cross-border trade commitments and future growth plans.

Webb Fontaine's expert information handling and distribution technologies has laid a solid foundation for the continuing success of the NNSW system, which will facilitate ease of Trade, streamline border management and solve issues impacting transportation, timescales and logistics.

Download Image -- Nepal Minister of Finance Bishnu Prasad Paudel launching the project

Download Image -- Nepal National Single Window System Event

Download Image -- Nepal Government officials presenting the Nepal National Single Window

Download Image -- Nepal Government officials presenting the Nepal National Single Window

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