AXA launches "Wealth Ultra Savings Plan (2-year Pay)"

February 08, 2021 - 05:34
AXA launches "Wealth Ultra Savings Plan (2-year Pay)"

  • Short premium payment term with low entry fee and high long-term growth
  • Market-exclusiveno aggregate-limit Bonus Lock-in Option to best capture returns
  • Unlimited timesfor changing the insured enables wealth accumulation across generations
  • Up to 4% p.a. guaranteed preferential interest rate for premium prepayment

HONG KONG SAR - MediaOutReach - 8 February 2021 - AXA HongKong and Macau todayannounced the launch of "Wealth Ultra Savings Plan (2-year Pay)"("Wealth Ultra(2-year Pay)"), a participating life insurance plan with a short premiumpayment term of two years. Customers can enjoy sustainable wealth growth with anannual premium as low as USD10,000. If customers choose to pay the 2-year basicplan premiuminone go, they can also enjoy a 4% p.a. guaranteedinterest rate on the prepaid premium. Key features of Wealth Ultra (2-year Pay) include:

  • Market-exclusive feature - Bonus Lock-in Option to lock in gains without an aggregate limit for thelock-in rate
  • Market-exclusive feature - Flexi ContinuationOption to support both life protection and legacy planning
  • An unlimited number of times for changing the insuredto pass on wealth across generations

"Wealth Ultra(2-year Pay)"is a limited-time offer, available on a first-come-first-servedbasis.

Short premium payment term and lowentry fee, projected total cash value doubles every 10 years

WealthUltra (2-year pay) offers a premium payment term of just 2 years and an annualpremium as low as USD10,000, allowing customers to enjoy all benefits of theplan without the burden of a long-term financial commitment. Premiums areguaranteed to remain unchanged throughout the 2-year period.  If customers choose to pay the 2-year premium infull at the time of application, they can enjoy up to 4% p.a. guaranteed interest rate onthe prepaid premium, generating attractive additional returns in the currentlow interest rate environment.


Apart from the guaranteed cash value, Wealth Ultra(2-year pay) also provides two types of non-guaranteed bonuses -- the reversionarybonus and the terminal bonus. Starting from the 6th policy year, thetotal cash value[1] is projected to double every 10 yearson average; and from the 82nd policy year, the total Internal Rateof Return (IRR) for each policy year is expected to exceed 7%[2].

Market-exclusivefeature 1:  No aggregate limit for bonus lock-in rate to best capturemarket returns

WealthUltra (2-year pay) Bonus Lock-in Option allows customers to transfer the reversionarybonus and terminal bonus to the bonus lock-in account, without partiallysurrendering their policies. They can thus turn the non-guaranteed bonus intoguaranteed and earn up to 4% p.a. interest[3] from it, avoiding potentialchanges to the returns posed by market fluctuations and accelerating their wealthaccumulation.


WealthUltra (2-year pay) is particularly unique in the market as it offers nolifetime aggregate limit for the lock-in rate. Customers can pass on the policyto future generations without having to worry about exhausting the lock-inrate. The plan also provides flexibility for customers to withdraw part or allof the value from the bonus lock-in account anytime according to their needs.

Market-exclusivefeature 2:  Flexi Continuation Option to support both lifeprotection and legacy planning

Wealth Ultra(2-year pay) allows changing theinsured for an unlimited number of times without affecting the policy value. Theinsured period can be updated to age 138 of the latest insured, enablingpassing on wealth across generations.


The market-exclusive Flexi Continuation Option takescare of both the life protection and legacy planning needs of customers. Theycan designate a contingent insured in advance, so in the unfortunate event thatthe initial insured passed away, the designated contingent insured will becomethe new insured, and the pre-assigned portion of the policy value will bepassed on accordingly for wealth accumulation; and the remaining portion willbe payable to the designated beneficiaries in the form of compassionate benefitfor immediate financial support.

Mr. Kevin Chor, Chief Life and Health InsuranceOfficer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said, "Last year we launched Wealth Ultra Savings Plan andreceived very positive feedback and a number of awards. COVID has affected theglobal market environment, disrupting the wealth management plans of many. Weunderstand that customers are hoping to achieve long-term financial growth withshort-term commitments, therefore we launch Wealth Ultra Savings Plan (2-yearpay) this year, providing them with competitive returns without requiring along-term payment. The plan comes with a Bonus Lock-in Option which enables customersto capture market returns and not be affected by market volatility. Togetherwith the unlimited times for changing the insured and Flexi Continuation Option,customers can enjoy the benefits of protection and cross-generation wealth accumulationall at the same time."


For more information on Wealth Ultra Savings Plan(2-year pay) , please visit:

The above is for reference only. For details of theproduct, including terms and conditions, please refer to the product brochure.


[1] Total cash valueis the sum of guaranteed cash value, non-guaranteed cash value of reversionarybonus and non-guaranteed cash value of terminal bonus.

[2] The total IRR is rounded to the nearest percentage. Please refer to therelevant product brochure for detailed assumptions and conditions.

[3] The interest rateis non-guaranteed and may be changed by AXA at its discretion from time to timewithout prior notice.

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[1] Including customers of AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited, AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability), and AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited
[2] Top tier insurers are defined based on the annualised premiums of Individual Direct New Business (Classes A to F) of Statistics on Hong Kong Long Term Insurance Business published by the Insurance Authority
[3] 2020 Fortune Global 500 
[4] AXA Corporate Solutions, AXA Matrix Risk Consultants, AXA Insurance Company, and AXA Art with AXA XL's insurance and reinsurance operations combined  
[5] AXA Hong Kong Brand Preference Tracking Report 2019


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