VinFast licensed to test autonomous electric cars in California, USA

February, 08/2021 - 05:14
VinFast licensed to test autonomous electric cars in California, USA

HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 7 February 2021 - California Vehicle Administration (DMV California,USA) has reported that VinFast (a division of Vingroup) officially receives theAutonomous Test Vehicle Permit on all public streets of California, USA.

VinFast VF33 - The SUV model insegment E is expected to reach US consumers in Q2/2022.

As is customed in the U.S., beforebeing commercialized in the U.S. market, electric vehicles with autonomoustechnology features are required to carry out procedures and be issued anAutonomous Test Vehicle Permit (ATVP) by the California Vehicle Administration.VinFast -- a Vietnamese company isthe 57th licensed company. On the list, there are also many leading automobileand technology companysuch as Apple, Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen ...


As a hub of modern technology, Californiais chosen to conduct testing of EV models. In addition, Californiahas Silicon Valley, one of the wealthiest places in the world, known as aglobal center of technological innovation.


With the establishment of R&DInstitute in the US and licensed to test vehicles here, VinFast hasmade a step to realizethe strategy of bringing Vietnamese-branded smart electric cars to this mostdifficult market.



On January 26th of 2021, VinFast officiallyannounced that it has successfully researched and developed the first threeelectric smart cars: VF31, VF32, VF33, of which VF31 is a medium-sized SUV(segment C), VF32 is a midsize SUV (D segment), VF33 is a large SUV (segmentE). All 3 models have level 2-3 autonomous features, with 30 smart featuresdivided into 7 groups including: intelligent steering assist system, adaptedlane control system, active journey control system, multi-point collisionwarning system, comprehensive collision mitigation system, intelligentautomated parking system and driver monitoring system.


In particular, 2 models of VF32 andVF33 electric versions will be sold in the US, Canada and Europe markets from2022. The launch of high-tech electric vehicles, including electric scooters,electric buses and personal electric cars, is part of VinFast's pre-defined roadmapsince entering the automotive market 3 years ago.


In Vietnam, Vietnamese automakersalso started to install electric vehicle charging stations at commercialcenters at Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vincom Long Bien (Hanoi) ... to serve the firstelectric cars produced, expected to be sold in 2021 in Vietnam market.


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