Trend Micro IPS Rules Integrate with AWS Network Firewall

November 18, 2020 - 08:40
Trend Micro IPS Rules Integrate with AWS Network Firewall

Customers get trusted protection for easy-to-manage, scalable network security


HONGKONG SAR - Media OutReach -18 November 2020 - Trend MicroIncorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704),the leaderin cloud security,today announced it is a Launch Partner for AWS Network Firewall, amanaged service that makes it easy to deploy essential network protections forall of your Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) on Amazon Web Services(AWS). As a Launch Partner, Trend Micro has integrated managed threatintelligence feeds from its cloud security solution to enable superiorprotection inline with this new AWS managed firewall service.

As digital transformation is acceleratingglobally, businesses consider how to strategically protect their cloudenvironments while maintaining scalability and minimizing friction. See howTrend Micro continuouslyworks to provide easy to manage, scalable cloud security solutions to supportAWS customers as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner:

According to Gartner, "In the past,organizations deployed more than one firewall brand at the perimeter or infront of the demilitarized zone with an aim to provide an overlap of capabilityin case a single product could not be relied on... While this argument has somemerit -- back doors and vulnerabilities occasionally happen -- implementingmultiple firewalls increases management complexity and the potential for humanerror, reduces scalability, and increases operational costs.[1]"

Trend Micro's built-in IPSintelligence will inspect traffic for malicious intent so that the firewall canstop threats before they get a foothold in a virtual private cloud. Together,AWS and Trend Micro offer a simple, scalable service with reliable protectionthat does not require any infrastructuremanagement.

"Our customers asked for the abilityto manage network security at scale, and we are thrilled to deliver just that,"said Andrew Thomas, General Manager, Perimeter Protection, Amazon Web Services,Inc. "This low friction network firewall functionality is bolstered by AWSPartners like Trend Micro, who has stepped up to deliver additional layers ofprotection for customers through integration with AWS Network Firewall."

"We are proud to help customers adoptmore advanced security capabilities with less heavy lifting," said Steve Quane,chief product officer for Trend Micro. "The approach of traditional NGFWvendors to the cloud has not been scalable and has created unnecessary painsfor customers. With AWS reducing customer friction at the infrastructure layer,we're excited to help raise the bar for baseline network level protections bydelivering our leading threat intelligence enforced through integration withAWS Network Firewall."

Trend Micro offers complete,industry-leading hybrid cloud security solutions to simplify protection ofbusiness data in AWS environments. This includes additional network security aswell as protection for cloud native services, file object storage andcloud-based applications. Trend Micro's threat intelligence will be availablefree with easy deployment for AWS Network Firewall customers.

[1]Gartner, Control Network Security Complexity, Inefficiencies and SecurityFailures by Minimizing Firewall Diversity, March 27, 2020

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