Beyond Meat Debuts New Product, Beyond Pork™, in China

November 18, 2020 - 04:01
Beyond Meat Debuts New Product, Beyond Pork™, in China

  • The plant-based minced pork is Beyond Meat'slatest cutting-edge innovation and the company's first product developedspecifically for the Chinese market
  • From Nov. 18-24, Shanghai foodies can be the first to try Beyond Pork at five popular Shanghai restaurants


SHANGHAI,CHINA - Media OutReach - 18 November 2020 - Beyond Meat, Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND), a pioneer inplant-based meat, is announcing its latest product innovation: Beyond Pork™. Designed to deliver thesumptuous taste, juicy texture and culinary versatility similar to traditional minced pork,Beyond Pork was created specifically for the Chinese market and is the nextstep forward in Beyond Meat's commitment to creating high-quality products that meet consumers' demand for delicious,nutritious and sustainable protein.


The introduction ofBeyond Pork follows the successful launches of the Beyond Burger®and Beyond Beef™ in mainland China and comes at a time when interest inplant-based meat is growingin China and around the world. Pork is the most popular meat in China and thecountry ranks among the highest pork consumption rates in the world[1], making itan excellent location for the unveiling ofBeyond Pork. The development of Beyond Pork was a global collaboration betweendedicated Beyond Meat teams in Los Angeles and Shanghai. In addition, Beyond Meatconducted multiple sensory tests in China to get direct consumer feedbacktoward perfecting the product. The result? Beyond Pork was a fan favorite amongconsumers for its ability to mirror the mouthwatering umami flavor, texture andaroma of animal-based minced pork, whileoffering the added health and environmental benefits of plant-based meat.


"We're excited to launchBeyond Pork in China, marking a milestone for Beyond Meat as we are not onlylaunching an entirely new product innovation, but our first plant-based meatproduct created specifically for the Chinese market," said Candy Chan, ChinaGeneral Manager, Beyond Meat. "With Beyond Pork, Beyond Meat is providing evenmore delicious options for consumers to continue to eat their favorite disheswhile enjoying the added nutritional andenvironmental benefits of plant-based meat. BeyondPork's exclusive debut in China furthersBeyond Meat's commitment to this important market and its vision forplant-based meat to continue winning the hearts (and mouths) of Chineseconsumers."


Mincedpork is featured in many Chinese dishes, making China the perfect place forBeyond Pork to show off its potential. From dumplings and mapo tofu to zhajiangnoodles and lion's head meatballs, Beyond Pork delivers the meaty taste andtexture that Chinese consumers crave but with about 50% less saturated andtotal fat[2]. Made from simpleplant-based ingredients, like rice and soybeans, Beyond Pork offers a richsource of protein with 18.5g per 100g serving and has no antibiotics orhormones.

To celebrate the launch of Beyond Pork, BeyondMeat is partnering with five popular restaurants in Shanghai, one of China'sfood capitals. The roster of partner restaurants features some of the hottestnames in Shanghai's food scene, including Egg, Moménti, RAC, Solo X, and TunWang. 

"I was very impressedthe first time I tried Beyond Pork; I even thought the chef must have actuallyused traditional animal pork mince by mistake. I think our fans are going to bevery impressed when they try it -- I bet they won't even be able to tell thedifference either," said Simon Briens, Co-Founder of RAC restaurant.

Chefs from the five restaurants all joined a special VIP launchevent on 17 November to unveil their dishes at the TX Huaihai Mall in Shanghai.Each chef was tasked with using Beyond Pork as they would animal-based mincedpork, and their dishes ranged from RAC's Beyond Pork Spicy Bolognaise to TunWang's Beyond Pork and Shiitake Wonton Noodles. By working with five outstandingrestaurants at the same time, Beyond Meat can showcase the wide variety ofdishes that Beyond Pork can be used in with delicious results each time.Consumers in Shanghai will be able to enjoy the Beyond Pork special menu itemsin each of the five restaurants for a limited time (18 to 24 November). FollowBeyond Meat on Weibo or WeChat for the latest news and updates for Beyond Porkand other exciting happenings.



[2] Compared to common 70/30 minced pork; Per 100gserving Beyond Pork has 15g total fat and 5g saturated fat

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