Fuji Xerox Innovation Re:Mix Forum – Work Reimagined gives perspectives on how to pivot into the ‘next’ normal

September 25, 2020 - 04:13
Fuji Xerox Innovation Re:Mix Forum – Work Reimagined gives perspectives on how to pivot into the ‘next’ normal

Industry leaders and analysts share perspectives and solutions to build business resiliency post-pandemic


SINGAPORE - MediaOutReach - 25September 2020 - FujiXerox Singapore, a leading provider in document and communications solutions, presentedthe third edition of its flagship event; Innovation Re:Mix Forum WorkReimagined 2020.

With approximately 80% oforganisations in Asia Pacific expecting a decline in 2020 revenue, theInnovation Re:Mix Forum is particularly timely as it explores the many facetsbusinesses face in their accelerated digital transformation journeys to ensurebusiness continuity in the current climate.


Aligned with Fuji XeroxSingapore's corporate practice 'Genko-Itchi',a Japanese concept of walking-the-talk, Fuji Xerox Singapore leads thischarge, with the agenda of the three-day conference set by new Chief ExecutiveOfficer Mr Koh Ching Hong, who assumed his role amid the pandemic.


"As Fuji Xerox innovatewithin to meet the new demands in the marketplace, we are also enabling ourcustomers with new ideas in transforming how their processes work in newdigital world, how their distributed workforce collaborate more effectively,and how they are able to re-connect and re-engage their customers andstakeholder as we go into the next normal," said Mr Koh Ching Hong. "This isemphasised in our annual Innovation Re:Mix Forum as we explore howorganisations, big and small, can pivot their business and future-proofoperational resiliency and customer engagements amidst current challengingtimes."


This conference is also thepioneer virtual conference hosted on International Data Corporation's (IDC) newproprietary platform, IDC Arena.


A fireside chat with Ms.Sandra Ng, Group Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific brought tofocus the significance of redefining, rethinking and refreshing workplacecollaborations to ease into the 'new' normal and enhance business outcomes withInternet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a sturdy ApplicationProgramme Interface (API).

The Work Reimagined edition explored three themes with a lineup of business andthought leaders from sectors across banking and finance, insurance, healthcare,retail and logistics:


1.    RebootYour Workplace in the New Normal


On rebooting the workplace, MrKoh Ching Hong and Ms. Sandra Ng began the C-suite segment with insights on theglobal landscape and how businesses have evolved during the pandemic as theylook beyond near-term solutions to position their organisation for strategicgrowth in the new normal.


They delved into the successfulcase studies shared in the pre-event podcasts by the following businessleaders:

-         Mr SarabjitAnand, Regional CIO, Standard Chartered Bank

-         Mr PohChi Chuan, Executive Director, Digital Transformation, TechnologyTransformation Group, Singapore Tourism Board

-         Ms.Chandana Shukla, Vice President, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Asia Pacific,Korn Ferry


The fireside chat further discussedthree key aspects such as the future of customer engagements, operationefficiency and process optimisation, and employee experiences. One key insightshared was how digitisation has moved beyond innovation and is now focused onwell-designed and integrated platforms to build resiliency on top ofefficiency.  


In 'Rethink OperationalResiliency', Mr Ho Swee Huat, Principal Consultant, Advanced IndustrialServices, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, presented the considerations for all CXOs. Heshared how incorporating various components of the Intelligent Automation setof technologies can be a 'catalyst' for a company to quickly surpasstraditional work processes and expedite transformation initiativessuccessfully. Components under Intelligent Automation are Robotic ProcessAutomation (RPA), Cognitive Capture, Process Orchestration, Advanced Analytics,and Mobility and Engagement.


2.    DigitalDisruption: Pivoting Your Business for a Strong Future


The Enterprise track offeredout-of-the-box perspectives at critical factors to consider as industriesacross Asia Pacific move to return to the workplace, along with an analysis onthe trend of increased investment in technologies in spite of current economicgloom. Mr Simon Piff, Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific, alsoidentified how investments in AI and robotic automation can enable a hybridworkforce are adequately supported in IT visibility, remote management and otherconcerns, to ensure that organisations are able to return to growth.


The panel "Reinvent DigitalWorkplaces" discussed what "productivity" means to their digital workforce, andshared firsthand experience on the technologies that have equipped theirbusinesses in creating new value through digital means. The panellists are:

-         MrKoh Ching Hong, Chief Executive Officer, Fuji Xerox Singapore

-         MrAlp Altun, Chief Transformation Officer, Allianz SE Insurance Management AsiaPacific

-         MrBryan Koh, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, White Coat


Mr Koh Ching Hong also sharedexclusive perspectives and practices on the importance of a strong groundworksuch as workflow automation can aid in a more seamless implementation andintegration of IoT, AI, and cognitive technologies in organisations. He cited anin-house example of the implementation of a new intelligent e-invoicing systemthat resulted to cost savings of 22% and faster payment cycles for Fuji XeroxSingapore.


Mr Tim Smith, ExecutiveGeneral Manager, Sales and Marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, in 'ReimagineCustomer Engagements' delved into the ever-changing consumer landscape that hasbeen made more volatile in the current climate. In the presentation, Tim alsoexplored and showcased how enterprises can seamlessly scale up digitalcapabilities and harmonise online and offline channels for a holistic approachtowards customer communications. 


3.    BuildingResiliency with Digital Acceleration


These unprecedented timeshas seen businesses across all sectors scrambling to scale technologically simplyto survive. With the sudden surge in digital transactions and communications,businesses - especially SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) that are stilldigitally transforming - are heavily challenged, especially with the absence ofa physical workforce due to the global pandemic.


Mr Eric Tan, SeniorDirector, Integrated Solutions & Sales, Fuji Xerox Singapore opened the SMBtrack with an overview of the current business landscape and insights on howdigital innovation is now synonymous with digital resilience.


The track was followed by aroundtable discussion hosted by Mr Eric Tan with prominent SMB leaders such as:

  • Ms. Tan Su Lin, Chief ofStaff / Vice President, Operations, Carousell
  • Mr Toby Koh, Group Managing Director, Ademco Security
  • Ms. Charlene Chng, Head of IT, Poh Heng Jewellery 
  • Mr Connor Clark-Lindh, Head of Smallholder PeopleOps, Yara DigitalFarming

The roundtable session featured tips and best practices on how theseSMBs were able to effectively and efficiently digitise processes and operationsby taking an inside-out approach. The speakers also elaborated on Classified4.0 where they envision an AI-led and enhanced omni-channel experience as thefuture of customer engagement.


The Innovation Re:Mix ForumWork Reimagined 2020 concluded with an on-demand Solutions Showcase wheredelegates were offered various types of solutions tailored to theirorganisation's needs to view and experience at their convenience.


In addition to corporatemotto of 'Genko-Itchi', Fuji XeroxSingapore believes in a bespoke approach in empowering their customers' digitaljourney. The company's dedication is also reinforced as it launched 19 new models from its digitalmultifunction printer ApeosPort and DocuPrint series recently, to support customers inaccelerating efficiency while enhancing security, document management andremote working capabilities.


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Full list of Innovation Re:Mix ForumWork Reimagined 2020 speakers and panellists:

  • Mr Sarabjit Anand, Regional CIO, StandardChartered Bank
  • Ms. Chandana Shukla, Vice President,Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Asia Pacific, Korn Ferry
  • Mr Poh Chi Chuan, Executive Director, DigitalTransformation, Technology Transformation Group, Singapore Tourism Board
  • Mr Zulaifah Abdul Ghani, Regional FinanceController, APAC, ISS Global Forwarding
  • Mr Albert Leong, Managing Director, EskerAsia
  • Mr Alp Altun, Chief Transformation Officer, Allianz SE InsuranceManagement Asia Pacific
  • Mr Bryan Koh, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, White Coat
  • Mr Mark Gett, Partner Account Manager, Kofax Australia
  • Ms. Sharon Chua, Senior Business Development Manager, Esker Asia
  • Ms. Tan Su Lin, Chief ofStaff / Vice President, Operations, Carousell
  • Mr Toby Koh, Group Managing Director, Ademco Security
  • Ms. Charlene Chng, Head of IT, Poh Heng Jewellery 
  • Mr Connor Clark-Lindh, Head of Smallholder PeopleOps, Yara DigitalFarming

Fuji Xerox speakers:

  • MrKoh Ching Hong, Chief Executive Officer, Fuji XeroxSingapore
  • Mr Tim Smith,Executive General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific
  • Mr Ho Swee Huat,Principal Consultant Advanced Industrial Services, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific
  • Mr Chan Wai Tuck,Senior Business Manager, Integrated Solutions & Sales, Fuji Xerox Singapore
  • Mr Samuel Lim Kai Poh, Principal Consultant, Integrated Solutions andSales, Fuji Xerox Singapore
  • Mr GabrielNg Yeow Meng, Solutions Consultant, Integrated Solutions and Sales, Fuji XeroxSingapore 

IDC speakers:

  • Ms.Sandra Ng, Group Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific
  • MrSimon Piff, Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

About Fuji Xerox Singapore:

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