Herbalife Nutrition Survey Reveals Asia Pacific Consumers Have a Clear Vision for Healthy Aging, But Fear of Illness Due to Lower Immunity Topped List of Aging-Related Worries

September 24, 2020 - 06:50
Herbalife Nutrition Survey Reveals Asia Pacific Consumers Have a Clear Vision for Healthy Aging, But Fear of Illness Due to Lower Immunity Topped List of Aging-Related Worries

  • Survey reveals that lessthan three in 10 Asia Pacific consumers are confident in their ability to agehealthily

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 24September 2020 - Premier global nutrition company,Herbalife Nutrition, todayreleased findings from the 2020 Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey, which revealedthat Asia Pacific consumers have a clear vision of what healthy aging means tothem, but lessthan three in 10 consumers had the confidence to age healthily, with the fear offalling ill due to lower immunity as their top worry.

To shed light into Asia Pacific consumers'aging-related fears, concerns, confidence levels and actions, the survey polledequal numbers of Generation Z (18 - 23 years), Millennials (24 - 39 years),Generation X (40 - 55 years) and Boomers+ (55 years and above) in 11 marketsincluding Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

"Thisis the third edition of our survey designed to uncover concerns about agingacross demographic groups and markets in Asia Pacific, the region with thehighest average life expectancy in the world," said Stephen Conchie, SeniorVice President and Managing Director, Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific. "Thefindings showed that many people worry about falling ill due to lower immunityas they age - a likely result of their changing health concerns due to theongoing pandemic. Additionally, we also observed that consumers in NortheastAsia markets, where an aging population is particularly notable, have lowerlevels of confidence in their ability to age healthily compared to theirSoutheast Asia counterparts."

"As Healthy Aging Month falls in September, this is an opportune time forus to deepen awareness about the need to take steps towards healthy agingearlier in life. At Herbalife Nutrition, we believe that a healthy diet and anactive lifestyle can play a part in slowing down or preventing many age-related concerns from materializing." he added.

Defining Healthy Aging

When asked to define healthy aging in more tangibleterms, Asia Pacific consumers painted a positive picture. Respondents sharedthat healthy aging is about being mentally active and sharp (61 percent), physicallyactive (57 percent), not suffering from any chronic or acute illness (56percent), living a free and independent life (52 percent) and not being aburden to their family as they age (51 percent).

Aging-Related Concerns

Over half (54 percent) of Asia Pacific consumersbelieve that discussions on how to age healthily should begin between the agesof 30 and 49. The most common reason given for postponing discussions aboutaging was that they are still young, followed by the prioritization of theirpresent health and lifestyle.

For those who are concerned about aging, two-thirds(60 percent) of consumers started to have concerns between the age of 30 and 59,with bone- and joint-related issues topping the list of specific healthconcerns, followed by brain-related and eye-related issues.

Fear of Aging

Only three in 10 (28 percent) Asia Pacific consumersexpressed confidence in their ability to age healthily. Consumers in SoutheastAsia were generally more confident than those in Northeast Asia. Indonesia hadthe greatest confidence (61 percent), followed by Malaysia (44 percent) and thePhilippines (43 percent). On the other hand, consumers in Korea (17 percent),Taiwan (17 percent), Hong Kong (13 percent) and Japan (9 percent) displayed thelowest confidence across the Asia Pacific region.

Across the different demographic groups, younger consumers such as the GenerationZ (31 percent) and Millennials (32 percent) displayed greater confidence intheir ability to age healthily as compared to their older Generation X (26percent) and Boomers+ (24 percent) counterparts.

The fear of falling ill due to lower immunityemerged as the top aging-related worry.

  • Two in five (38 percent) respondents worry aboutfalling ill due to lower immunity as they age.
  • Onein five (18 percent) worry that visible signs of aging will change theirappearance.
  • Onein five (18 percent) fear that they might become less independent as the bodybecomes weaker.

Regarding the potential aging-related effects thatconsumers will experience:

  • 65 percent of respondents believe that they wouldexperience a decrease in mental acuity;
  • 57 percent believe that they would most likelysuffer from chronic or acute illnesses or ailments;
  • Half believe that they will participate in fewerphysical activities and be physically weaker as they grow older.


Taking Steps TowardsHealthy Aging

Nonetheless, the majority of Asia Pacific consumersunderstand the importance of healthy aging, with seven in 10 consumers (73percent) having taken steps to help age healthily. The steps taken include:

  • Makingbetter nutrition choices (73 percent).
  • Engagingin more regular physical activities (69 percent).
  • Engagingin mentally-stimulating activities or hobbies (50 percent).
  • Takingsupplements that promote healthy aging (46 percent).
  • Goingfor more regular health check-ups (42 percent).

Across the demographic groups, a larger proportion(75 percent) of older consumers such as the Boomer+ have taken steps towardshealthy aging as compared to their younger Generation X (70 percent) andMillennial counterparts (71 percent). The Generation Z consumers also seem tobe the group that is least likely to take steps towards healthy aging, withonly 65 percent having done so.

 "Most AsiaPacific consumers have already begun to consider adopting positive habits toage more healthily. However, with the fear of aging being prominent amongconsumers, we see a crucial need to help them strengthen their confidence intheir ability to take proper actions. We believe that by sharing education onadopting the right nutritional habits and appropriate physical activities, wecan help people find the right path towards healthy aging," said Conchie.

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