Holding Hands with VGP, SocialPeta Exerting International Influence

March 02, 2020 - 05:45
Holding Hands with VGP, SocialPeta Exerting International Influence

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 2 March 2020 - The year 2020 starts eventfully, with natural and man-made disasters in many parts of the world, and only faith can lead us to a better tomorrow. SocialPeta, a committed provider of quality advertising data marketing services, has teamed up with VGP, a game publisher in Vietnam, to explore global mobile gaming marketing solutions and enhance advertising efficiency.

One plus one equals well beyond two


VGP (Viet Game Publisher) is a Vietnamese game company founded in 2011, with at least two new premium releases every year. The company prides itself on experienced operation and service teams, sound networks for promotion and cooperation, a G1 license issued by the Vietnamese government, and connections to all payment networks in the Vietnamese market that make in-game purchases easier and user experience happier.


SocialPeta, a global leading advertising spy tool, has accumulated over 600 million pieces of advertising data from 70+ mainstream networks worldwide. With the aid of SocialPeta, VGP hopes to access the latest creative and faddish ads and grasp the first-hand information of the global market and competing products to further enhance its competitiveness in the field of global online marketing.


Driving operations with technology, displaying business strength


In recent years, VGP has successfully operated and promoted a number of game products, including ,Liên Quân Manga, Công Thành Xưng Đế, Tam Giới Anh Hùng.In 2018, it was ranked among the top 10 Vietnamese market publishers.

SocialPeta offers increasingly deeper and richer functions, such as advertiser rankings, ad creative and top copy rankings, advertising and audience analysis, and customized data service. SocialPeta will also push forward with developing and optimizing app-related technologies and services, and further dividing and improving advertising and app functions to meet user needs.


SocialPeta's cooperation with VGP, on the one hand, helps to expand the mobile gaming market, enhance global marketing efficiency and value, and optimize user services and effects for both sides; on the other hand, it also testifies that SocialPeta has become an important partner for global digital marketing companies, with its data volume and technology power not only gaining wide, high recognition in China but also exerting international visibility and influence.