Denzy Gelato bags award for 'Singapore's Best Gelato' at inaugural 2019 Singapore Gelato Championship organized by the Dessert Association Singapore (DAS)

October 14, 2019 - 09:51
Denzy Gelato bags award for 'Singapore's Best Gelato' at inaugural 2019 Singapore Gelato Championship organized by the Dessert Association Singapore (DAS)

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 14October 2019 - Denzy Gelato, a new and recently openedgelateria, was announced as the winner of the inaugural Singapore GelatoChampionship on 28 August 2019, earning the prestigious title of "Singapore'sBest Gelato".

Organized by the Dessert Association Singapore (DAS)along with Reed Exhibitions, this competition was held to further spread theculture of gelato island-wide, with aims to incite creativity andprofessionalism in the industry by showcasing Singapore's finest gelatocraftsman. Contestants enrolled into the competition by invite only and were requiredto present one signature flavor of their choice, to be evaluated based on itstaste, structure and presentation.

The winning flavor
Theaward recognized Denzy Gelato's innovative craftsmanship and creation, the Pear,Ginger and Ginger flower. Interestingly, as the name suggests, one would beable to taste the pear, ginger, followed by ginger flower in that order aswell.

Determined to compete and win using a unique flavor createdbased on exotic local ingredients this time, owner Damien pushed ahead with thePear, Ginger and Ginger flower sorbet, crediting part of his imagination to atime in his youth where he observed his father using the ginger flower toprepare Chinese rojak for their customers.

Being the only contestant to present a sorbet insteadof gelato, this light, refreshing creation with a soothing aftertaste surelydid not disappoint when it brought home the gold.

Travel-inspiredand adventurous flavors

Denzy Gelato's popular flavors include the PersianPrince, Elderflower Mojito and Skinny Dark Chocolate, some of which wereinspired by Damien's time spent overseas. 

Persian Princeis an Italy-inspired flavor infused with almond and saffron, gifting it with anutty and interesting taste. The almonds used are also stone-grinded for 10hours prior, adding to the authenticity of the flavor.

The Bali-inspired Elderflower Mojito, contraryto what the name suggests, is actually non-alcoholic and refreshing, perfectfor Singapore's humid weather. Only mint and lime are kept in the ingredients,coupled with a carefully boiled Elderflower in order to extract its genuinetaste.

The Skinny Dark Chocolate, which is also avegan option, appeals to people who fancy dark chocolate but favor thenon-creamy and delectably light texture of a sorbet.

About Denzy Gelato

Denzy Gelato is a Gelateria located in the heart ofBishan, founded by Damien in early 2019. Fueled with a passion for food, Damienlearned the art of gelato making in Italy, ensuring that only qualityingredients are used in their handmade and unique creations. With a cozy25-seater café offering waffles, coffee and assorted tea as well, it serves asa perfect dessert and chill spot for patrons.

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