Avnet Brings Intelligent IoT Solutions to the New Era of Intelligent Connectivity at MWC Shanghai 2019

June 26, 2019 - 02:55
Avnet Brings Intelligent IoT Solutions to the New Era of Intelligent Connectivity at MWC Shanghai 2019

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach - 26 June 2019 - Avnet Asia Pacific is showcasing its innovative Internet of Things(IoT) solutions and applications at MWC Shanghai 2019 from June 26-28, rangingfrom hardware to software-to-cloud connectivity solutions that enable thedevelopment of IoT applications. With its comprehensive suite of IoT servicesand technologies, Avnet helps its customers realize IoT business opportunities inthis new era of intelligent connectivity.


"China maintains high double-digit growth in the IoT market, which isexpected to reach 1.8 trillion RMB1 by 2020," saidFrederick Fu, president of Avnet Asia Pacific. "As a leading global technologysolutions provider, Avnet is committed to being the one partner for ourcustomers throughout the consult, develop and deployment steps of the IoT ecosystemto bring their ideas to life. In the case of intelligent connectivity for instance,Avnet collaborates with our ecosystem partners to develop customizedsolutions that support an array of vertical industries including:manufacturing, environmental, construction, retail, food processing and smartcity."


At MWC Shanghai 2019, Avnet's intelligent IoT products and solutions areshowcased in two zones -- the Experiential Zone and the Technology Zone.


Visitors will get to see, touch and feel how innovative products areapplied to Smart Monitoring and Smart Retail at the Experiential Zone.


  • People counting solution: a smart IoT deviceintegrating radar and narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technologies. People counting andflow monitoring can be easily tracked from the cloud management portal togenerate insights for subsequent management actions.
  • Smart plug solution: Removes connectivitylimitations by changing the plug from Wi-Fi to NB-IoT, enabling the monitoring ofdifferent appliances or equipment in public areas. Through proper datatraining, machine failure predictions can be made via the intelligent cloud.
  • Water leakage monitoring: Protects key assetsfrom flood-related damage. An easy-to-install water leakage monitor is connectedto Avnet's cloud portal for remote monitoring purposes, alerting the users uponany leakage detection.


In the Technology Zone, Avnet is demonstrating the latest technologiesenabling intelligent connectivity.


  • IoTConnect cloud-based software platform and connectivity solutions: a portfolio of smart, market-ready solutions built around the platform help organizations jump-start development of IoT-enabled systems and services. The highly scalable IoTConnect platform utilizes Microsoft's enterprise-grade Azure hybrid cloud computing service to enable the seamless distribution and analysis of data across cloud and on-premise systems. Azure's powerful security and connectivity protocols give IoTConnect users the flexibility to develop and deploy apps and solutions using their choice of tools, applications and frameworks.
  • SmartEdge Agile: the industry's first solution to help engineers and manufacturers deploy IoT projects on ultra-thin bandwidth networks. Enabling AI and security at the edge, the platform is ideal for developing machine learning applications such as predictive maintenance and remote monitoring devices.
  • eUICC (embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card): a "plug-and-play" solution for flexible cellular connectivity. This future proof solution provides the ability to easily choose a mobile network operator (MNO) without having to manually change the embedded SIM card in their cellular connectivity-based devices, machines and sensors that are already deployed in the field.


To see these demos at MWC, visit Avnet's booth at Hall N1 E145.


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