Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) participates in one of the largest innovation events in Asia to address social challenges in ASEAN

June 24, 2019 - 06:47
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) participates in one of the largest innovation events in Asia to address social challenges in ASEAN

  • 23 startups from Japan and 2 Japanese-affiliatedopen-innovation-oriented companies to join the event
  • Exhibitors include a developer ofAutomated Guided Vehicles (AGV) used at Changi Airport and  A R&D company that works with SMRT leveraging deep learning for safetymanagement

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach- 24th June 2019 - The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)will participate in Innovfest Unbound 2019 (organized by NUS Enterprise andothers), one of the largest innovation events in Asia to be held in Singapore.For the first time, JETRO will exhibit at the event by setting up "J-StartupPavilion", featuring 23 Japanese startups and 2 Japanese-affiliated companies basedin Singapore that explore open innovation.


J-Startup is a program that Japan'sMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan conducts to help fosterstartups. Striving to further strengthen the startup ecosystem in Japan, theJapanese government has set a goal to create 20 companies with corporate valueor market capitalization of 1 billion dollars or higher, including unlistedstartups (Unicorns) and listed startups, by 2023.Companies under J-Startup arequalified to receive great support both from the public and private sectors.


Innovfest Unbound 2019 is one of the largest innovation events inSoutheast Asia to be held at Marina Bay Sands from Thursday, June 27 throughFriday, June 28. In 2018, the event saw about 15,000 visitors, more than 400 seminarspeakers, and over 380 exhibitors. https://unbound.live/innovfest-unbound


The key concept of the J-Startup Pavilion is to show Japan as acountry contributing to solve address social challenges in the ASEAN regionthrough innovation. Offering new value to the world and addressing therechallenges with innovative technologies and business models will ultimatelylead to creating business that can be deployed globally. Japanese startups arepaying attention to Singapore. Nine of the participating startups have officesin Singapore. And there will be 23 J-Startup to be showcased at the event.


For example, Doog International Pte Ltd's AGV has beenimplemented at Changi Airport, which has allowed one staff to transport morethan one food trolley per trip, thus contributing to improved productivity.FreakOut Holdings, Inc. works with Grab to offer in-vehicle video ads. ABEJA,Inc., in collaboration with SMRT, has started research and development ofsafety management for the public transportation industry leveraging deeplearning. A healthtech company working to address lack of nursing andhealthcare resources, as well as other AI-related company will also join theevent.


In addition to this conference, J-Startup Pavilion isscheduled to be showcased at GITEX Future Stars in Dubai, Web Summit   in Lisbon, and CES 2019 in Las Vegas.


 List of participating companies

Company Name




3sense Inc.



Easy and real-time tracking of brain responses to Smell, Taste, and Hearing with simplified EEG & tablet app.

aba Co., Ltd.



Device that detect and record the excretion status of care recipient, aiming to solve the mental and physical burden of caregiver and care recipient.

Abeja Singapore Pte. Ltd.

AI Platform


Platform as a Service for AI development. Support industrial transformation with AI/Deep Learning technologies and across industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics and infrastructure.


Healthtech, SaaS, Telemedicine


"LEBER" allows you to communicate with the doctors anytime and anywhere with your smartphones.

Aqua System Co., Ltd.



Portable Bacteria Self Checker - microbial detection with smart phones and tablets. Root out food poisoning and infectious diseases.

Aquabit Spirals



Dynamic content delivery platform which connects things with online content as Physical Hyperlink of Things®. It works securely for the proof-of-authenticity, presence, and being-there.

Arithmer Inc

AI Solution


AI Optical Character Recognition (OCR), big data IA, AI image analysis, AI video analysis, AI smart robot, AI 3D modeling and AI chatbot




First private company to offer space debris removal services to assure orbital sustainability and secure long-term spaceflight safety for the benefit of future generations.

Bespoke Inc.

AI Solution


World-leading developer of multilingual Artificial Intelligence solutions serving the tourism and hospitality industries.

Doog International Pte Ltd



Mobile robot as a tool that works safely and reliably.




Cloud-based HR & payroll system, backed by blockchain technology, integrated with existing banking infrastructure and payment ecosystem.




Our mission is that through the use of our technology, people will have more time to dedicate to their creativity.

Global Mobility Service, Inc.

Fintech, Mobility


Supply vehicles with the latest available wireless information technology and vehicle inter-connectivity to drivers who have difficulties getting their own vehicles.

Kotozna, Inc.

Language Translation


Kotozna Chat is a multilingual chat and voice translation service supporting over 100 languages. Text and voice messages in a foreign language are auto-translated to the recipient's native language.

Lequio Power Technology Corp.



Portable ultrasound scanners designed for developing countries and educational purposes. Affordable, simple and high resolution. Powered by PC via USB connection.

MDR Inc.

Quantum Computing


MDR developed open source quantum computing library "Blueqat", applications, hardware and platform.

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.



We modify the physical world using computer-controlled invisible forces. We make a paradigm shift from THINGS to FIELDS and deliver magical experiences to users.


E-commerce Logistics Tech


Platform that automates the shipping process for online sellers. By integrating multiple e-commerce platforms and shipping providers, sellers save up to 90% of time on shipping.

soeasy Co., Ltd.



We're building a cloud platform where everyone within an organization is able to study and share their latest knowledge and skills through videos.

Tierraponica, Inc.

Eco-Friendly Urban Agriculture


Circular agriculture using Japanese hydroponic cultivation technology - organic matter + microorganisms to cultivate high quality vegetables in any environment.

toor Inc.

Data Analytics and Applications


BIGDAT@Viewer featuring "Easy, Fast and Visible" for anyone to use without high skill. It is also very useful even for data scientists to reduce data screening time from days to minutes.

Uzabase Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Fintech, Business Information Service


Business intelligence service. Our product "SPEEDA" is an online data platform providing industry reports, company data, M&A and news with AI technology.

visasQ Inc.

Expert Network Service


Connect all the knowledge on the globe by providing an expert network service for our clients to help them arrange 1-hour interviews with experts in certain fields of their interest.

Nitto Denko (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Electronics, General Industry


We manufacture a wide range of industrial and electronics tapes, semiconductor process tapes, optical films, water filtration membranes etc and we have a global sales and manufacturing network.

Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd

Industrial Automation


Yokogawa leverages on its extensive domain knowledge and advanced digital automation technologies to co-create new and innovative applications to improve business performance.


【About JETRO】

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is agovernment-related organization established in 1958 to promote trade andinvestment. JETRO promotes Japanese exports and direct investment abroad andhelps small to medium size Japanese firms deploy business abroad while alsoattracting foreign investment into Japan. Along with the advancement of digitaltechnologies, JETRO also supports innovation. For example, the GlobalAcceleration Hub provides startups deploying business overseas with localinformation and mentoring and helps them establish regional communities. Tostrengthen ecosystem, JETRO invites international entrepreneurs to Japan andassists them in conducting market researches in Japan and creating businessplans.