Understanding Vitiligo, A Little-Understood Skin Condition

June, 25/2019 - 04:09
Understanding Vitiligo, A Little-Understood Skin Condition

SINGAPORE- Media OutReach - 25June 2019 - For the past eight years, June 25 has been designated as WorldVitiligo Day to help increase awareness of a skin disease known as vitiligothat affects about 1 in every 100 people around the globe.

Vitiligocauses a person's skin to lose its pigment, resulting in discoloured skinpatches, known as macules. The disease commonly occurs before 20 years of age.

While itscauses remain unknown, factors such as stress, genetic make-up, exposure totoxins can trigger the skin depigmentation process.

Although theskin patches are not life-threatening, they can affect the mental and emotionalwell-being of vitiligo patients. Due to a misconception about vitiligo beingcontagious, sufferers have been known to be subjected to bullying and evensocial ostracism -- causing many to suffer from low esteem and psychologicaltrauma.

Vitiligosufferers should do their utmost to cooperate with their doctors since earlyand proper treatment can help stop the spread of discolouration and restorepigment in many of the cases.

They shouldalso avoid self-medication or folk remedies, since these might not only beinappropriate but even worsen their current situation.

Onespecialist facility which provides a comprehensive range of treatment is theNovena Vitiligo Medical Centre in Singapore (https://www.novenavitiligo.com).It is the first vitiligo medical centre in Singapore and South-east Asia to focussolely on the treatment of vitiligo using state-of-the-art technology.

At theNovena Vitiligo Medical Centre, patients will be given customised treatment,depending on their specific needs. Each patient will be given a thoroughassessment of his/her physical symptoms by doctors at the centre. Apart fromexamining the size and extent of the depigmentation, the patient will also beasked about his/her previous treatment history and lifestyle habits. Only thenwill the doctors recommend the best treatment for the patient.

Medication --Four types of exclusive medication, comprising a special blend of oralantioxidants, are available.

Phototherapy-- It uses cutting-edge technology such as the Waldmann UV Therapy System or theVTRAC 308nm excimer lamp.  

Grafting --The centre offers both skin and blister grafting.   

MelanocyteTransplant -- Pigment-forming cells, or melanocytes, from healthy skin aretransferred onto depigmented areas.

Theexistence of various treatment options can help vitiligo sufferers to regainskin colour -- and their self-confidence -- and live life as they want it.