Chillax Asia 2019: Singapore’s F&B industry to showcase offerings with focus on smart technologies

June, 25/2019 - 07:58
Chillax Asia 2019: Singapore’s F&B industry to showcase offerings with focus on smart technologies

SINGAPORE -  Media OutReach  - 24June 2019 - Chillax Asia 2019, the latest annual industry event of theSingapore Bakery & Confectionary Trade Association, will become one of thelargest shows in the sector when it opens its doors from 25 July and runs to 27July 2019.

Bakers Competing for the PolePosition @ Chillax Asia 2018

Into its second edition, this trade & industryshow will be supported by 11 trade associations in Singapore and from theregion with accompanying support from government agencies and embassies basedin Singapore.

SBTCA Council Member and lead organiser ThomasTan added: "Building on the Chillax Asia platform, this year's event takes aholistic approach by showcasing the end-to-end supply chain in the food, bakeryand beverage business. For millennials exploring opportunities in this sector,we will introduce The Entrepreneurs Kit, which aims to help and guidethem from their first steps to running a successful business.

For the more established players, we havecreated dialogue sessions with key government agencies and this will enablethem to gain fresh perspectives in addressing on-going industry challenges," hesaid.

SBCTA President Tang Siew Chuan said: "Thebakery and confectionery industry is undergoing profound changes. Therecontinues to be a drive for greater professionalism and craftmanship, driven byemerging technologies and applications. There is also the need to draw newtalent into the trade so that they can bring creativity and fresh perspectives.

"SBCTA expects Chillax Asia 2019 to showcaseemerging ideas to aspiring professionals as well show newcomers how they canleverage on the knowhow we have put together in this show."

The 2019 show, which will be bigger and morecomprehensive than the previous year, will feature:

-       Baker4.0, where 200 top chefs will give an undertakingto embrace technology to transform Singapore's bakery industry landscape,

-       Showcasingits unique Smart Technology Eatery, where a fully unmanned mock-up caféwill be open for viewing by the industry,

-       Thelaunch of the newly minted Desserts Singapore Association, with the goalof championing Singapore-made desserts,

-       Hostingof the new Bi-Centennial Cake Decoration Championship, which willcoincide with the year-long commemorations in Singapore,

-       Thelaunch of the Singapore Entrepreneur Kit¸ the first-of-its-kind toolaimed at helping budding bakers, confectioners and chefs to learn how to startup a business, secure the necessary funding and manage their businessprofessionally, and

-        The return of Singapore Bake-A-StarChampionship for the Bread and Pastry segments.

Trade associations expecting to make an impactat Chillax Asia 2019 include: The International Federation Chinese BakeryConfectionary Association (IFCBCA), the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association,All China Bakery Association, the Hong Kong Bakery & ConfectionaryAssociation, Taipei Bakery Association and the Sabah Confectionary & BakeryAssociation.

Participants among the new arrivals includerepresentations from Sri Lanka, Poland and Uzbekistan. The trade show also hasthe support of Enterprise Singapore, Workforce Singapore and the Employment andEmployability Institute.

The official opening of Chillax Asia 2019 willtake place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre and the event is open to trade visitors on 25-- 26 July 2019, and thereafter, will welcome members of the public on 27 July2019.