Joey Yap Held His First-ever Business Academy to Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs of 25 Different Nationalities Formulate Winning Strategies for Business Success

May 23, 2019 - 07:54
Joey Yap Held His First-ever Business Academy to Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs of 25 Different Nationalities Formulate Winning Strategies for Business Success

Over 1,000 budding entrepreneurs gathered at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to learn the different techniques about marketing, tech, finance, metaphysics and more


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 23 May2019 - Growing a successful businessis the dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs and career concerns are aplenty aswe stand at the cusp of radical change. In light of this, Joey Yap has, for thefirst time in his 23 years of delving into entrepreneurship, created anexpertly curated programme on business to help aspiring entrepreneurs in Asia.From 18 to 20 May 2019, close to 1,000 eager budding entrepreneurs of 25different nationalities jumped at the opportunity to hear his insights.

As one of theentrepreneurial behemoths and game-changers in Asia, Joey Yap packaged hissolid words of wisdom on how to achieve extraordinary growth in challengingeconomic times in a concise 3-day class. Entrepreneurs from all over the world,including countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, USA and manymore, gathered at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to discover the various strategiesthat will aid in the acceleration of their business.

During the 3-day class,Joey Yap covered a variety of business aspects and shared his own incredible entrepreneurialjourney. He imparted his knowledge about business tools in finance, sales,application, and even the secrets of digital marketing that have brought him sofar. He highlighted on the techniques and principles of BaZi and Feng Shui, andhow these tools can help to boost one's strengths and potential. All these,while creating the success that means the world to oneself.

Successfulentrepreneurs are made, not born. To be a successful entrepreneur in this dayand age, one needs to develop a set of holistic skills that may not be taughtin schools. To be competent, being a good subject matter expert is crucial. Forthose who are considering to kick-start their own business or looking atbreaking their first to fifth million as a digital era entrepreneurial start-up,this is quite possibly the most important class to attend -- the perfect full-proofgame plan with unique business concepts and terminologies covering all grounds.

A commonmisconception is that to attend Joey Yap's business academy, one needs to bevery adept in Metaphysics. To the laymen, Metaphysics may seem to be a fieldthat is almost purely abstract but you have to agree that nearly all knowledgeare helpful in doing pretty much anything, and it is the same for BusinessMetaphysics. It does have an impact on the real world, and serves as a guidancefor one to avoid any pitfalls, overcome challenges and grasp any opportunitiesin business. Many prominent successful business men and women benefit andthrive with the use of Business Metaphysics. Being aware of the blueprint ofone's life enables one to map out the keynotes to success, happiness andwealth. Metaphysics will give one the edge in being successful, and Joey Yap'sBusiness Academy provides one with the platform to learn and supercharge one'spersonal career growth as well as create breakthroughs in one's business.

While the participantscame from different parts of the world, everyone had their own key takeaways.Every individual attended the seminar for a different purpose. For some, it wasto find hidden opportunities for breakthroughs in their business. For others,it was to seek answers on what business opportunities there are out there, andhow they can achieve consistent profits as well as navigate away from pitfallsin business. Last but not least, there were those who had specific personal andcollective goals such as hoping to achieve harmony in their work environment,to have personal growth, to improve in people management, and even betterthemselves in strategy formulation.

Chabela Ortega, who took a 30-hr flight from the UnitedStates just to attend Joey Yap's class with her husband and friend, is a strongbeliever in his teachings. "There is nobody like Joey Yap at the moment.Everything that he has taught has been very useful and effective, and I admirehim for his valuable teachings."

"Feng Shui gives you a different perspective, and helpsyou understand and transform your life for good. Joey Yap's teachings arepowerful tools to empower your life. His information is clear, and very easy tocomprehend," says Kurly Marwaha and Paola Gomez, attendees from London andUnited States. Both Kurly and Paola have been practicing BaZi and Feng Shui foryears, and Kurly applied Feng Shui to drastically improve her health.

The owner of a health consulting company, Long Chau Tranfrom Canada has been following Joey Yap's teachings with his wife for the past18 years. "Everything that we've learnt, we've applied it to our business.Without Joey, it's impossible for us to run our business so successfully!" Likewise,property agent Lupe Soto from Los Angeles also looked to BaZi and Feng Shui toimprove her business. She uses BaZi and Feng Shui to understand clients andhelp them to find the right home. "Learning QiMen and BaZi will help you tounderstand how to resolve every aspect of your life."

The first of itskind Business Academy 2019 hosted by Joey Yap had an amazing turnout and wasextremely well-received by all participants. If you missed out on the seminarbut would like to explore the use of Feng Shui and Metaphysics further, pleasevisit   for a virtual training and see how thisancient tool is used in today's modern business world context.

About Joey Yap

A luminary in his own right, Joey Yap's expertise in the study ofChinese Metaphysics is well sought after. He has been featured in internationalmedia outlets such as BBC, CNBC, TIME, Forbes, CNN and Bloomberg. He was listedin the Malaysian Tatler's Top 300 Most Influential People in Malaysia; andPrestige's Top 40 Under 40. He is also a best-selling author of 179 books withmore than 4.2 million copies sold worldwide. Earlier this year, some 20,000participants attended his Live Seminar to hear his expert insights on ChineseMetaphysics. For more information, check out Joey Yap's website