Trend Micro Delivers the Industry’s Most Complete Security Across Cloud and Container Workloads

May 20, 2019 - 08:01
Trend Micro Delivers the Industry’s Most Complete Security Across Cloud and Container Workloads

Cloud-native security customized to the demand of DevOps to protect and scale environments


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 15 May 2019 - Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704),a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced the availability ofthe industry's most complete security from a single solution protecting acrosscloud and container workloads. This leadership has been achieved through newly launchedcontainer security capabilities added to Trend Micro Deep Security to elevateprotection across the entire DevOps lifecycle and runtime stack.


Fromvirtual servers and data centers to public and private cloud workloads,containers are increasingly used and demand protection. Leading enterprises arebringing together their application development teams, IT operations and theirsecurity team to help the business deliver automated, secured applications tomarket quicker. Trend Micro connects teams with technology tools that bakesecurity into the process while meeting compliance needs and reducing risk.


"While customers have beensecuring their containers with our technology for a couple of years now, we areproud tosignificantly expand our offering," said SteveQuane, Executive Vice President,Network Defense and Hybrid Cloud Security forTrend Micro. "Unlike many of the one-off point solutions crowding the market,our offering provides automated build-pipeline container image scanning, andextensive runtime protection providing full visibility and control. What isstrikingly unique is our consolidated tool for container plus workload securityin every environment."


Senior analyst and groupdirector Doug Cahill at Enterprise Strategy Group believed, "Developers mightbe surprised by the scope of this new offering. The on-going deployment ofapplication containers into production environments requires that the entirebuild-ship-run continuum be secured. As such, protection across the CI/CDpipeline for container environments must include the ability to the detectvulnerabilities, secrets, malware, and misconfigurations for early protectionat build time, while delivering critical threat protection across on-prem andcloud host, orchestration and container layers at runtime."


The newfeatures available now in Trend Micro's container security solution include:


Securing across the complete DevOpslifecycle 


Withinthe software build-pipeline, Trend Micro has extended its container imagescanning to include pre-registry scanning, providing earlier detection ofvulnerabilities and malware over and above scanning the trusted registry forany future threats. Deep Security will now also scan for embedded secrets suchas passwords and private keys and provide compliance and configurationvalidation checks, along with image assertion for digitally signed images.


Securing across theentire stack


Atruntime of the container, Trend Micro has boosted container platform protectionacross Docker and Kubernetes. Deep Security has long ensured protection for thehost and containers at runtime. This includes intrusion prevention system (IPS)rules, integrity monitoring to detect compromised instancesof the platform, as well as log inspection.


Toensure complete protection, Trend Micro inspects all lateral and horizontaltraffic movement (east, west, north, south) between containers and platformlayers like Kubernetes and Docker. 


Securing while grantingfull control


Toincrease automation and decrease manual tasks, security and operations teamsusing Trend Micro can now use any command shell to execute the applicationprogram interfaces (APIs). This additional option ensures full control ofdeploying policies, automation of monitoring, reporting and more. Thiscompletely new set of representational state transfer APIs have been written toautomate security for application development and operations teams across thecontainer orchestration tools and runtime environments.


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