Asian Biotechnology Conference BIO Asia to be held in Taiwan for the first time

April 10, 2019 - 03:46
Asian Biotechnology Conference BIO Asia to be held in Taiwan for the first time

TAIPEI, TAIWAN- Media OutReach - 10April 2019 - The global Biotechnology InnovationOrganization (BIO) together with the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (TaiwanBIO) announced recently that from July 24th to 28th, a global Asianbiotechnology conference--BIO Asia-Taiwan 2019--will be held in Taipei. Thisevent, the result of a partnership between these two organizations and held inTaiwan for the first time, is expected to attract more than 1,500 people from25 countries. The exhibition meanwhile will increase in size from its previousrendition as part of the annual 'BioTaiwan' event, to become what is expectedto be the largest biotech exhibition in Asia.

From left: William Foreman, President, AmCham Taipei
Liang-Gee Chen, Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Johnsee Lee, Chairman, BIO Asia-Taiwan Organizing Committee
Bor Fuei Huang, Secretary General , Taiwan Bio Industry Organization at the announcement ceremony of BIO Asia-Taiwan 2019

The announcement ceremony of BIO Asia-Taiwan 2019 was hosted by the Chairman ofthe Organizing Committee, Johnsee Lee. Taiwan's Minister of Science andTechnology Liang-gee Chen said in his remarks that BIO Asia being held in Taiwan is asignificant milestone and will be a positive contribution to the development ofTaiwan's biomedical industry going forward. Chen expressed his wishes thatthrough the cooperation with BIO that there will be increased engagement andinteraction between Taiwan and the global biotechnology community. 

Jim Greenwood, President and CEO of BIO, the world's largest biotechassociation, in a videotaped message expressed his affirmation of Taiwan andhis expectations for this year's event. "Taiwan is already a global powerhousein technology, IT and computing systems. As biotech evolves, we are marryingnew breakthroughs like artificial intelligence with Big Data derived from thehuman genome. That's why Taiwan is uniquely situated to play an integral rolein the future of our industry. Taiwan BIO's annual conference is already anestablished and important event for the local biotech community. Now we believeBIO Asia-Taiwan will become a premier, must-attend conference for entireAsia-Pacific region," said Greenwood.

With the theme of this year's event being "Biotech as the Next GrowthEngine for Asia", Johnsee Lee remarked that as many innovative biomedicaladvances in the future will be closely integrated with digital technologies,and with the ICT industry being a unique advantage of Taiwan, this year's BIOAsia-Taiwan conference will showcase Taiwan's digital advantage in this sector.Applications such as AI, smart hospital and medical devices, precisionmedicine, etc., will be showcased as Taiwan takes the opportunity to encourageits electronics industry leaders to invest resources in biotech. Lee alsothanked the government for its strong support in facilitating the holding ofsuch a significant international conference.

Thanks to the support of BIO, participants in this year's conference will beutilizing BIO's renowned one-to-one business partnering platform, creatingbusiness opportunities for all participants. BIO also intends to use its vastnetwork of industry contacts to encourage international and regionaldelegations to participate in the occasion. It is estimated that the numbers ofinternational exhibitors and delegates will increase significantly this year. Withthe inclusion of a special program of medical seminars and training courses,BIO Asia-Taiwan will also be targeting medical professionals and members ofbiotechnology and medical associations. In addition, with the increasingconvergence of industry sectors, both Taiwan and global electronics, financialand investment firms will be invited to discover opportunities at BIOAsia-Taiwan.

The Conference & Forum program will feature pertinent business-relatedtopics such as cross-border investment, mergers and acquisitions, regionalcooperation models. Biomedical topics covered will include cancerimmunotherapy, cell and gene therapy, CAR-T, and regenerative medicine. Thelatest game changing technologies featured will include artificial intelligence(AI), Big Data, the Internet of Things, genetic sequencing, gene editing,liquid biopsies, etc. International experts will be invited to givepresentations on such exciting topics and participate in these forums.

At the exhibition, we expect at least 1,700 booths featuring 600 exhibitors. Inaddition to expanding its scale, the event this year will feature specialexhibition zones: International & Asia-Pacific Biotech; Smart MedicalDevices; Precision Medicine; Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine; and Innovation& Enterprise. The exhibition venue will also feature a presentation theaterarea, a business matchmaking venue, and a customized tour guide service.

"Biotech is very important to the American Chamber of Commerce, Taipei,which has more than 500 member companies," remarked William Foreman,President of AmCham, Taipei. "There's enormous potential in Taiwan forthis industry, and it's important to host events such as BIO Asia-Taiwan thatattract leaders in the industry and give them a platform to exchange ideas. Iapplaud BIO and Taiwan BIO for working so hard to create such an event,"added Foreman in his remarks at the press conference.