Leo Paper Group selects Infor as Industry 4.0 transformation partner

March 12, 2019 - 07:51
Leo Paper Group selects Infor as Industry 4.0 transformation partner

Adoption of Infor CloudSuite Industrial for the printing and packaging provider will help drive business expansion and process efficiencies


HESHAN, GUANGDONG, CHINA - MediaOutReach - 11 March 2019 - Infor, a global leader in business cloud softwarespecialized by industry, today signed a contract with the Leo Paper Group(LPG), a privately-held global printing and packaging company, to implement asuite of Infor solutions that will launch the producer of a wide variety ofpaper-made products on its Industry 4.0 and smart factory transformationjourney. LPG's products today include books, games, bags, premiums and giftitems, as well as product packaging.

Infor & Leo Paper Group's Signing Ceremony
(left to right: 1-Helen Masters, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Infor Asia Pacific and Japan; 2-Nancy Mattenberger, Senior Vice President of Infor Consulting Services for Asia Pacific and Japan; 3-KING Lai, Managing Director, Group Packaging Business, Leo Paper Group; 4-Johnny Fung, Group Managing Director of Leo Paper Group; 5-Simon Fung, Heshan Factory Director of Leo Paper Group)


The signing ceremony held at Leo Paper's Heshan plant was attended by localand regional Chinese media who were given a tour of the facility. Leo Paper'simplementation of Infor solutions begins with its Heshan factory and isexpected to take 30 months. When the Heshan plant goes live, other sites in theUK and US will follow suit.


Leo Paper has chosen Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) and Infor OSplatform for cloud designed to bring business processes and artificialintelligence together; Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software to improvesales targets; and Infor Mongoose for quick web application development anddeployment to replace its home-grown system that can no longer keep pace withits expanding global business.


Infor CSI is a cloud-enabled, end-to-end industrial manufacturing solutionthat will lay the roadmap for Leo Paper to utilize predictive analytics,collaboration, artificial intelligence and other software tools from the samesolution to streamline operations for effectiveness, efficiency andproductivity. When implemented, Leo Paper will have about 1,200 concurrentusers globally.


"We have selected Infor CloudSuite solution which is scalable and can takeus on our Industry 4.0 transformation to automate and become a smarter, more intelligentglobal printing and packaging enterprise that is nimble, highly-productive andefficient," said Johnny Fung, Group Managing Director at Leo Paper Group. "Forexample, Infor CloudSuite Industrial will let us respond to the market backedby operational insights that help us make sound decisions while Infor CPQ canhelp us standardize our bill of materials procedure more effectively to improvesales. These are new levels of efficiency and responsiveness we aim to achievein our pursuit of higher-quality services. We look forward to working withInfor to roll out the solutions at our sites globally."


The Leo Paper Group is an environmentally-conscious visionary organizationwhich has a green and digital plan to help transform its business. Headquarteredin Hong Kong SAR, it is the first private company in Hong Kong to secure aGreen Loan, and Leo Paper is deploying funds to transform its facility to be aninnovative and environmentally-friendly operation.


The group has seven trading companies in China, North America and Europe;six manufacturing companies in Hong Kong and China, including its Heshan plant;one technology company; two educational institutions in China and ninesupporting companies, employing a workforce of 13,000 people.


"Infor is delighted to be working with Leo Paper Group and we especiallylook forward to rolling out one of the largest number of concurrent users forInfor CloudSuite Industrial in the printing and packaging sector," said HelenMasters, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infor Asia Pacific. "Withour deep commitment to delivering finely-tuned industry-specific solutions inthe cloud, Leo Paper has our give-all service to upgrade and transform from itslegacy system to a cloud-based system which will be available to the globalcompany on demand -- anytime, anywhere -- for precision decision-making as itcontinues on its business expansion plan."

About Leo Paper Group

Leo Paper Group which is a privately held printing company operates on a globalscale. A wide variety of paper-made products, which include books, games, bags,premium and gift items and product packaging, are produced in its ownmanufacturing plants in Heshan City. The group was founded in 1982 and now has13,000 employees. Under the holding company in Hong Kong, the group has seventrading companies in PRC, North America and Europe; six manufacturing companiesin Hong Kong and PRC; one technology company; two educational institutions inPRC and nine supporting companies.

About Infor

Infor is a global leader in business cloudsoftware specialized by industry. With 17,300 employees and over 68,000customers in more than 170 countries, Infor software is designed for progress.To learn more, please visit www.infor.com.


Infor customers include:

·         19 ofthe top 20 aerospace companies

·        9 ofthe top 10 high tech companies

·        18 ofthe 25 largest U.S. healthcare delivery networks

·        18 ofthe 20 largest U.S. cities

·        19 ofthe top 20 automotive suppliers

·        17 ofthe top 20 industrial distributors

·        15 ofthe top 20 global retailers

·        4 ofthe top 5 brewers

·        17 ofthe top 20 global banks

·        9 ofthe 10 largest global hotel brands

·        8 ofthe top 10 global luxury brands