Teledyne e2v releases first military qualified Arm® based processor for Hi-Reliability applications

March 11, 2019 - 02:57
Teledyne e2v releases first military qualified Arm® based processor for Hi-Reliability applications

Teledyne e2v’s military qualified version of NXP’s LS1046A processor, guarantees its operation at -55°C to 125°C for Aerospace and Defence Applications


GRENOBLE, FRANCE - Media OutReach - 11 March 2019 - Teledyne e2v, an aerospace qualifiedmanufacturer of advanced semiconductors, has qualified and released the first upscreenedprocessor from NXP's new Layerscape® Series, the LS1046A, to operateat 55°C to 125°C. The LS1046A is part of NXP's 64-bit Arm® Layerscapeportfolio that, implements a quad-core Arm® Cortex® A72 designproviding unparalleled performance in the smallest form factor possible whileenabling access to the vast ecosystem of software services, applications and toolscompatible with Arm® technology.

The LS1046A from NXP is a 1.8GHz processor integratingpacket processing acceleration with high-speed peripherals and is recognizedfor its high-performance architecture and market-leading compute density. TheLS1046A, offering more than 45,000 CoreMarks® of compute performance,paired with dual 10Gb Ethernet, PCIe Gen3, SATA Gen3 is suitable for a range ofhigh reliability mil-aero applications. The Teledyne e2v military qualificationof this device assures its functionality between -55°C and 125°C and is available in both RoHS and leaded packages. In addition, as part of Teledyne e2v's Semiconductor LifecycleManagement program, SLiM™, the lifetime of this device can be supported for 15+years, avoiding common and costly obsolescence issues.

"We see a new trend developing in the Aerospace and Defense industry toward64-bit Arm®-based products with the Teledyne e2v military qualified device fromour Layerscape Series of commercial processors," commented Altaf Hussain,Marketing Manager for NXP. "We believe e2v customers will not only leverage theadvanced computing performance of the device but also the ecosystem thatsupports Arm®, creating new possibilities in system design."

Teledyne e2v is now offering a broad range ofdevices to its Aerospace & Defense customers; its portfolio includes manyPowerPC®-based qualified and supported processors from the NXP QorIQ®
P- and T-Series, as well as the more traditional PowerQUICC®devices. Customers can continue using their Power Architecture-based softwareand applications, while Teledyne e2v continues to develop solutions on newertechnologies such as Arm®-based solutions from NXP. Customers mayeither transition to Arm®-based solutions or start new developments withproven Power® Architecture-based solutions from NXP. The LS1046A isalso the chosen device to be embedded into Teledyne e2v's latest Qormino®computing module, which also includes a 4GB DDR4 memory (for more information,please check our website:

Thomas Guillemain, Marketing and Business Development Manager of DigitalProcessing Solutions at Teledyne e2v, commented, "The release of our firstmilitary qualified device from NXP's Layerscape Series is a signal of ourcontinued efforts to support new and existing lines from NXP. I am proud of ourprocessor portfolio offering with all the military versions of NXP's T-Series,P-Series and PowerQUICC® based processors. The introduction of NXP'sLayerscape Series and the qualification of the LS1046A is a major step in allowingour customers to benefit from the wide Arm® ecosystem in theirapplications."

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