Avnet Named Top 10 International Branded Distributor for 17th Year

November 12, 2018 - 02:42
Avnet Named Top 10 International Branded Distributor for 17th Year

SHENZHEN,CHINA - Media OutReach - November 12,2018 - For its outstanding performance and positivecontributions to China's electronics industry, AvnetAsia Pacific has onceagain been named a Top 10 International Branded Distributor by ASPENCORE's ElectronicsSupply & Manufacturing-China (ESM-China). This year marks the 17th consecutive yearthat the global technology solutions company received this award.

Mr. Ken Lee, Senior Sales Director, Avnet China, on stage accepting the award for Avnet at the Global Electronic Component Distributor Awards Program in Shenzhen


"Supply chains arebecoming increasingly complex with the advent of digitalization, the Internetof Things (IoT) and shifting consumer expectations, among other factors. Avnetis honored that our partners and industry professionals worldwide have onceagain recognized our end-to-end ecosystem and vast product development capabilities,in addition to our design and supply chain experience and logistics network,for helping them navigate the challenges within our industry," said Prince Yun, sales president at Avnet Asia.


Avnet Asia Pacific received the award at the Global Electronic Component Distributor Awards last week, hosted by ASPENCORE.The event was held in conjunction with the Global Distribution& Supply Chain Leaders' Summit.


The Global Electronic ComponentDistributor Awards recognize distributors that have demonstrated outstandingperformance and innovation, customer service, technical support and promotionof the electronics industry chain in China. This year, the program included aninternational judging panel of managers, engineers, and purchasingprofessionals, who voted online for their top distributors.


Avnet is committed to developingsupply chain solutions and providing services that are scalable and tailored tothe needs of its customers to help reduce costs, streamline materials managementprocesses, and improve information flows. These competitive advantages are madepossible by utilizing Avnet's vast distribution channels, global reach, and highly localized support that provideend-to-end connectivity and integration for customers. Along with its designand engineering expertise, Avnet supports its customers at every stage of theproduct lifecycle.


Earlier in June, Avnet was ranked in the top 10of the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 in the High-Techindustry category for the second consecutive year, further recognition of thecompany's supply chain excellence.


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