DasCoin’s rapid expansion continues with fifth exchange partnership

September 07, 2018 - 05:20
DasCoin’s rapid expansion continues with fifth exchange partnership

Currencyof Trust surges forward with IDAX agreement


LONDON, UK  - MediaOutReach - September5th, 2018 - DasCoin,the Currency of Trust and the store of value within the DasEcosystem, beginstrading today on IDAX, bringing DasCoin to an exchange featuring more than 40coins and tokens and offering high daily trading volumes.


DasCoinCEO Michael Mathias said; "We're excited about listing on IDAX as we continueto accelerate our trading potential, and we are very pleased that the exchangeoffers trading in Chinese RMB.  We arelooking to have DasCoin trading in key geographical regions around the worldand IDAX is a great partner with a unique genesis having been born from itsearly roots as a blockchain research center."


This fifth public exchange listing onMongolian-based IDAX further expands DasCoin trading opportunities.  IDAX or International Digital Asset Exchange


Today'slisting comes shortly after the recent announcement of DasCoin's listing on Coinbeneone of the top 10 Exchanges as defined by CoinMarketCap. In April, DasCoinannounced listings with Coinfalcon, BTC-Alpha and EUBX.


Inaddition to the growing list of prominent exchanges where DasCoin is trading, recentachievements have also included a partnership with the popular cryptospecialist app Blockfolio, the number one free crypto portfolio management app.


DasCoindraws on the strengths of traditional and emerging digital currencies whileaddressing their weaknesses. Its blockchain can process up to 100,000transactions per second and uses a distributed ledger built on Graphenetechnology and BitShares.


Lastmonth, the DasCoin blockchain radically improved its speed a full 100%,reducing block time from six seconds to three seconds, dramatically boostingsettlement speeds and positioning itself as one of the fastest blockchains todate.


About DasCoin: DasCoin is a better way to store and exchange value and is thenext step in the evolution of money. 


DasCoin is the blockchain-based currency at the center of aninnovative digital asset system that seeks to optimize the strengths andeliminate the weaknesses of existing currency systems. It is fast,efficient, balanced, secure and scalable. 


DasCoin is focused oncreating a digital currency that delivers superior performance throughgreater operational efficiency, increased transaction capacity, widerdistribution, better governance and greater regulatory compliance. Protected byindustry leading security protocols and a permissioned blockchain, DasCoin is apioneer in the sector with the goal of becoming the world's firstmainstream digital currency.




TheDasCoin codebase can be viewed on GitHub and visit DasCoinExplorer to see blocks built in real time