JLG Launches New Low-Level Access Equipment and Operator Safety Training, Boosting Workplace Productivity and Safety

July 11, 2018 - 02:50
JLG Launches New Low-Level Access Equipment and Operator Safety Training, Boosting Workplace Productivity and Safety

JLG's low-levelaccess machines boost workplace productivity by reducing effort when comparedwith mechanical manual alternatives such as ladders and scaffolding. Thecompany also launches Operator Safety Training to improvesafety standards across the industry.


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - July 11, 2018 - JLG Industries, Inc., anOshkosh Corporation company [NYSE:OSK] will unveil its new Low-Level Access equipmentat the IPAF Asia Conference and Showcase 2018 being held in Kuala Lumpur, onthe 18 and 19 of July. The company will also launch its new Operator SafetyTraining courses focusing on operator safety at height.


JLG is the world's leading designer and  manufacturerof mobile elevating work platforms and telescopic material handlers.One of the Diamond Sponsors of the upcoming IPAF conference, JLG will unveil twonew products at the event -- the EcoLift, part of its new family of low-levelaccess equipment, and the 660SJ, one of the most popular models in the new 600Series Boom Lift range.


JLG's low-level access equipment, which are now being introduced inAsia, include four push-around machines -- the Power Tower®, the Nano, thePecoLift and EcoLift -- and three self-propelled lifts -- Nano SP Zero, Nano SPand Nano SP Plus. The platform heights range from 1.5 metres to 3.10 metres.


JLG's low-level access lifts are safe, quiet, easily manoeuvrable andintuitive to operate, ideal for indoor spaces for a host of trades inconstruction, maintenance and facility work. The lifts dramatically reduce effortand increase efficiency when compared with mechanical manual alternatives suchas ladders and scaffoldings, and give workers the ability to use both hands onthe job.


JLG's EcoLift, which will beon display at IPAF, uses the revolutionary 'Patented Stored Power System' thatrequires no batteries, no power and no hydraulic oil, making it easy to use andenvironmentally-friendly.


The display at IPAF will also include the 660SJBoom Lift, which has an industry-leading platform capacity of 340 kgs. The660SJ has a small footprint, which allows it to be shipped in a 40-foot highcube container, hence reducing shipping cost.


"JLG is at the forefront of understanding the factors impacting megatrends and is developing cutting edge technologies to lead the industry ininnovation in those areas," says Shashank Bhatia, Director of Engineering, Scissorsand Verticals Product Development, JLG Industries. "We are investingsignificant amount of research dollars to innovate in areas such as safety, productivityand total cost of ownership, and transforming the access industry with ouraccident-free, highly efficient and service-free machines."


As part of its endeavour to improve safety standards in the industry, JLGis introducing a series of training courses in Malaysia. Besides free online producttraining courses, operators can also sign up for Operator Safety Trainingconducted by JLG's appointed distributors in Malaysia -- TH Tong Heng Machinery andAerial Lift & Equipment. Using classroom-based tutorials, demonstrations,hands-on training and assessments, these courses aim to help operators to safelyuse MEWP / AWP equipment. 


"JLG hascollaborated with several partners in the industry and is analysing data and developingtools to ensure the safety of its operators," says Bhatia. "With an eye tobuilding the safe workplace of the future, we are investing in technologiesaround aspects that range from operator injury prevention to workplace accidentavoidance."


JLG will be showcasing its commitment to innovation and safety at Boothnumber D4 at the IPAF event. The booth promises to be exciting and educational,allowing visitors to step onto a boom lift platform and operate a boom lift acrossa series of obstacles in a Virtual Reality environment.


"JLG has great confidence in thelong-term potential of Malaysia's thriving economy, which has been growingsteadily over the past 20 years. Even with the recent political change,uncertainty and threats surrounding some of the most important projects inrecent times that have been deferred, we still hold a positive view as the countryreadjusts," says David Border, Regional Sales & Market DevelopmentDirector, South-East Asia, Japan and Korea at JLG Industries. "As businessesstrive to stay competitive, adopting technology is necessary to increaseproductivity and mitigate labour costs. The access industry and JLG has animportant role to play here and in the region." 


For more information about JLG's innovative products, visitwww.jlg.com   


Company Background


JLG Industries, Inc., anOshkosh Corporation company, is dedicated to helping customers enhance worksiteproductivity and safety by engineering, manufacturing, and selling accessequipment that is reliable, powerful, versatile, and intuitive to use. Thecompany's lines include aerial work platforms (AWP) with articulating andtelescoping booms, scissor lifts, portable personal vertical lifts, low-levelaccess, mobile stock picking lifts, equipment trailers, utility vehicles, andtelehandlers for material handling applications. JLG Industries focuses ontotal cost of ownership, offering its customers a comprehensive portfolio ofaftermarket services that go beyond traditional parts and services to include anew line of competitive parts, remanufactured parts, online and on-sitetraining programs, a dedicated training facility, a growing parts distributionfootprint, and used -- as is, certified, and reconditioned equipment.


Headquartered in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, JLG Industries haspioneered many access industry firsts. These include oscillating axles for boomand scissor lifts in 1981, the only fuel-cell powered boom lift in 1999, thefirst environmentally-friendly 60-foot electric boom lift in 2000, and thefirst boom lift to reach 150 feet in 2011. The company surpassed its own recordin 2014 with its 185-foot model 1850SJ, the world's tallest self-propelled boomlift. In the same year, the company introduced the firsttrue hybrid diesel/electric boom lift, the H340AJ. In 2016, JLG unveiled the1500AJP, the world's tallest reaching articulating boom lift. 2017 marked thecompany's 20th year offering hybrid technology to its customers.

JLG Industries, Inc., is a wholly-ownedbusiness segment of OshkoshCorporation[NYSE:OSK], a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of a broad range ofcommercial, fire and emergency, and military vehicles and vehicle bodies.Oshkosh Corporation is headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

ReachingOut Globally


JLG is a partner in its customers' success,reaching out worldwide to enable performance, boost productivity, ensureuptime, and support progress. With more than 4,000 employees and facilitiesacross five continents, JLG supports its customers -- and their customers -- withworld-class training, parts, service, used equipment re-marketing, and flexiblefinancial services.


The companyhas manufacturing facilities in the United States, France, Belgium, Romania,Australia, and China. It provides sales, service, and support from locationsaround the world.