Hellven Metaverse: First Metaverse Social Platform Based on Arbitrum

March 27, 2023 - 10:45
Hellven Metaverse: First Metaverse Social Platform Based on Arbitrum
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 24 March 2023 - Hellven Metaverse is a new generation Web3.0 ecosystem built on Arbitrum, and has announced a $2 million seed investment. It uses 3D Hero NFT as the ecological pass card to access boards such as the RPG game Hellven's Gate, and the business and social space Hellven Utopia. By attracting talented developers and buidlers, Hellven is targeting to build an open and free commercial metaverse platform.

Hellven Metaverse has launched Three Pillars of landing scenarios, including Hellven's Gate, Hellven Utopia, and the Open and Free Business Metaverse.
About The Flagship Game: Hellven's Gate
In Hellven Metaverse, games are one of the most important landing scenes and serve as the primary carrier. As the first game in Metaverse matrix, Hellven's Gate is a game that combines traditional strategic gameplay with blockchain technology. It is a 3v3 turn-based tactical game where players take on the role of heroes, crossing Hellven's Gate to uncover hidden secrets. Along the journey, players can constantly adjust their lineup, upgrade their heroes, search for valuable equipment, and upgrade to enhance their characters.
Hellven plans to launch more types of games in the future, covering various game genres such as action, role-playing, racing, and shooting. Besides the games, Metaverse also plans to provide an open platform where creators can create and publish their own virtual content and share it with other players. They will support various creation tools and technologies such as 3D modeling, AIGC and augmented reality, so creators can unleash their imagination and unlimited creativity.
About The Social E-Commerce: Hellven Utopia
The future of the digital world will depend on the development of emerging technologies and Hellven Utopia is the practice of combining these technologies into social space. Hellven Utopia can perform airdrop, minting and auction in real time while interact and show individual personality. It provides a novel, interesting and low-threshold platform for the huge non-gaming community.
Hellven Utopia aims to create a brand new digital space where people can freely express their individuality and creativity, interact with others. Utopia will use NFT technology to endow unique digital assets with value and rights. Utopia will also use AI technology to provide users with more intelligent social experiences. By analyzing user behavior and interests, Utopia will recommend activities and characters that match their taste, allowing users to better integrate into the social network. At the same time, Utopia's AR will enable users to interact with virtual objects and other users in real-time, creating an immersive experience.
About The Open and Free Business Metaverse
The metaverse is continuously "eating" the world, and an immersive world full of interactive experiences is coming.
Thanks to emerging AIGC and Create to Earn marketplace models, the business paradigm revolution has emerged. Hellven is building the engine of business growth and the infrastructure for traditional brand, crypto-native brand, and individual IP.
Artists can design their NFT artwork using the tools provided by the platform and earn legitimate income, or showcase them to the world through the encrypted art galleries of Hellven Utopia. Merchants can open their own metaverse stores and sell products in different events, offer interesting rewards with NFTs.
Individuals can also build their own room in Utopia, become the meta-landlords to earn by renting or selling digital assets, or through advertising partnerships.
The origin of the Hellven Metaverse.
"What if we have a second chance to become the protagonist of our own story?", Hellven's founder keeps asking and that's why Hellven's vision is to create a truly open, free and trustworthy business model for Web3 creators in decentralized value internet.
As a virtual digital world, the metaverse requires advanced technical support, the Hellven team has decades of start-up experiences in gaming and blockchain, and possesses sufficient business insights, which help to achieve the platform vision. encourage users and creators to build an open and free Web3 ecosystem.
About Team members
Việt Le as CEO has 15 years of IT consulting and blockchain development experience, and was previously co-founder of L7.digital and SportE.net. Quoc Le has 15 years in gaming and enterprise solutions as CTO, 6 years as a blockchain architect at GINAR, and was the technical lead for Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) and Moonstake. Tung Dam as COO has 6 years of software engineering and full-stack blockchain development, and was the co-founder of yberk.io and Skymore.
In addition, Michael Bei, Hellven's game advisor, was the core team member of Fantasy Westward Journey, a AAA blockbuster with over 200 million PC users and 20 million mobile users, ranked No.1 in AppStore & GooglePlay. And Andy Daniel, technical advisor, was a core team member of Google Chrome, and led a team of more than 100 engineers.
About Financing Situation
Hellven Metaverse has announced a $2 million seed investment led by industrial capital Macau New World Development, NICE Capital, Polaris Venture, Z&Y Capital and other angel investors. The investment is used for product development, business expansion and recruitment of talented people.
The metaverse, which combines virtual and real, is essentially mankind's beautiful vision of the future. We are eager to expand the boundaries of interaction and experience. We are building a "beautiful new world" of freedom and equality while creating a new continent. Hellven Metaverse is born based on these ideas. It will be a decentralized digital world with a new economic system and identity system at its core, bringing users a brand new virtual interactive experience.
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