Kepner-Tregoe Announces 2022 Kepner-Tregoe Global Excellence Award Winners

March 15, 2022 - 06:54
Kepner-Tregoe Announces 2022 Kepner-Tregoe Global Excellence Award Winners
PRINCETON, NJ - Media OutReach - 16 March 2022 - Kepner-Tregoe (KT) is proud to announce the winners of the KT Excellence Awards for 2022. These awards honor individuals, teams and organizations who have achieved a global benchmark level in the utilization of KT technologies.
"We had a record-breaking number of submissions this year. Each and every one of them clearly demonstrated great application of KT process by our clients which resulted in solving critical business issues and adding value." commented Bill Baldwin, CEO of Kepner-Tregoe. "This is truly an international program which includes individuals, teams and organizations in 15 distinct industries we work with throughout the world. Their success demonstrates the enduring value of KT and its core methodologies when applied by clients who combine critical thinking, data, and expertise to achieve excellent results."
This recognition is a continuation of over 25 years of KT awards for excellence. Formerly known as the International Process Achievement Awards, the KT Excellence Awards expanded the awards program this year with specific honors in three distinct categories namely individuals, teams, and organizations. Award winners are honored for their work in manufacturing as well as service operations, and human resource capability development initiatives.
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Many award winners from the past are profiled in case studies within specific industries on the Kepner-Tregoe website: . Their successes have solved intractable and highly complex problems, improved quality levels, developed effective teams, built valuable new skills and much more. Individuals often credit the KT methodology for advancing their careers. Similarly organizations and teams credit the KT approach for millions of dollars in savings and very significant improvements in quality, agility, and efficiency.

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) provides capability development and consulting solutions across the world to help organizations resolve mission critical priorities with speed and confidence. Founded in 1958 and based on ground-breaking research on how humans process information, solve problems, and make decisions, Kepner-Tregoe helps organizations achieve Service and Operational Excellence by, increasing efficiency, improving quality, and reducing costs. The KT methodology is a highly disciplined and structured suite of processes used at all levels of industry leading companies and organizations.


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