Botslab by 360 releases self-empty robot vacuum cleaner S8 Plus

March 01, 2022 - 05:42
Botslab by 360 releases self-empty robot vacuum cleaner S8 Plus
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Media OutReach - 28 February 2022 - Botslab, a high-tech smart home brand under 360, has launched a new industry-leading self-empty robot vacuum cleaner -- S8 Plus, which is now on sale at ebargain at AUD799. Adhering to the brand concept of "Innovative technology and products for a real smart life", S8 Plus embodies the essence of hands free with technology, meets consumers' needs for precise positioning, worry-free self-cleaning, deep cleaning, etc., bringing more comfort and convenience for home life.

In recent years, consumers' pursuit of quality of life has continued to improve, and they have increasingly been focusing more and more on home life experiences brought by home appliances. Following this consumption trend, Botslab has gained an in-depth insight into smart home products, and by applying AI, big data , and cutting-edge IoT technologies, Botslab has launched a series of products, such as wet dry vacuum and smart camera, leading the smart life trend. The robot vacuum cleaner S8 Plus launched by Botslab this time integrates cutting-edge functions such as LiDAR navigation, 2700 pa superior suction, 70-day no-emptying dust bag, and 5000 mAh long-life battery, bringing consumers the ease and enjoyment of smart life.
The LDS LiDAR used in S8 Plus can locate and scan the home environment with millimeter-scale accuracy and a speed of 2080 points/s, so as to accurately create a floor plan and avoid obstacles.

S8 Plus has four suction modes: 600pa, 1000pa, 1500pa and 2700pa. Consumers can choose the appropriate mode according to their different cleaning needs. The brand new brushless motor can easily vacuum fine dust and hairs. Also, the smart speed-control side brush will accelerate when moving along the wall to keep corners clean and decelerate when zigzag cleaning to avoid spilling waste. When the machine hits the carpet, it automatically recognizes and stops the mopping function, while at the same time automatically increasing to 1500pa to deep clean the carpet.
The 5000mAh high-capacity battery of the S8 Plus equips the vacuum with excellent battery life. When the proper cleaning mode is used, the machine can continuously clean for up to 250 minutes. When the power is lower than 20%, the machine will automatically return to the charging station for charging; after the power is fully charged, the machine then automatically returns to the uncleaned position to continue the work, saving consumers from tedious manual charging and ineffective repeated cleaning.
Automatic dust collection is one of the most surprising features of the S8 Plus. With the 4L large dust bag, the robot can automatically start dust collection after cleaning and auto charging, and the dust collection can be completed in 20s. The large-capacity dust bag saves the user from frequently emptying it. After testing, a 4L dust bag can hold the dust produced by an ordinary family in about 70 days, which means that the user only needs to empty the dust bag 5 times a year. This brings convenience and peace of mind for busy office workers who have limited time for housework activities.
As a smart home product, the APP interconnection function is of course essential. By using the app, users can set up a series of personalized settings for the areas to be cleaned, cleaning mode, cleaning time, etc. For example, the vacuum can be set up to clean the living room in the morning and the bedroom at night; it can also be set up to vacuum on weekdays and mop on weekends; if there is a children's toy area at home, a no-go zone or no-mop zone can be set up, so that the machine will avoid areas that need to be left alone. In this way, the different cleaning needs of consumers are met. Also, with the Botslab app, users can remotely control the robot when staying out.
S8 Plus also has many other practical functions and designs such as voice control, smart water output, etc. For more information, please visit the official website:

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Botslab is a high-tech brand empowered by AI, big data, and cutting-edge IoT technologies for the global market. Bringing the spirit of Innovation for a Smart Life, Botslab has been exploring various exciting technological products including robot vacuums and smart cameras.

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