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Artists honour frontline forces battling pandemic

Update: June, 14/2021 - 10:00


Tùng Dương performs in the music video Cảm Ơn Những Trái Tim Yêu Người (Thank You, the Kind-Hearted People). Photo courtesy of the artist

HÀ NỘI -  Vietnamese divo Tùng Dương has presented his newest music video dedicated to healthcare workers, especially the ones working on the frontline battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entitled Cảm Ơn Những Trái Tim Yêu Người (Thank You, the Kind-Hearted People), the video praised the patriotism of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers who have been dubbed “fighters in white blouses”.

“For the people’s health and the country’s peace, they, without any hesitation, rushed into battle with the pandemic with a high determination of beating it,” said Tùng Dương.

The fourth wave of the pandemic in Việt Nam, with the number of cases reported each day much higher than in previous waves, has changed the life of every person.

“Witnessing the images of healthcare staff drenched in sweat as a result of wearing PPE for many hours during the burning hot summer days, many of them were exhausted and fainted, I was very moved. That’s why I was very enthusiastic to practice and record the song,” he said.

Songwriter and music producer Phạm Việt Tuân (left) and divo Tùng Dương. Photo courtesy of the artist

The song was composed by songwriter and music producer Phạm Việt Tuân, who said that over the past year, he has nurtured the idea of composing a song to cheer up the frontline forces battling the pandemic.

The idea for the song was fleshed out when he took his small daughter from Hà Nội to his home province of Lào Cai.

"On the way back to Hà Nội, I couldn't stop thinking about the image of health workers fighting the pandemic. Then some lyrics popped up in my mind, 'Thank you for your loving hearts. Thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice for life'. Thanks to that strong emotion, when I arrived home, I completed the song quickly,” he said.

The songwriter said he then gave the song to divo Tùng Dương.

“Unexpectedly, Tùng Dương also felt the same, and he immediately said he wanted to perform the song, although at that time he was extremely busy with a charity campaign launched to support Việt Nam’s biggest COVID-19 hotspots Bắc Giang and Bắc Ninh,” Tuân said.

The songwriter hopes his R'n'B ballad can spread hope and positivity to everyone.

Although this is the first time Tùng Dương has performed an R'n'B song, the singer found it easy. He proved he can perform different styles and touch listeners’ hearts.

Tùng Dương and his team have taken part in charity activities to support COVID-19 hotspots. Photo courtesy of the artist

Over the past month, since the fourth wave of the pandemic at the end of April, Tùng Dương and his team have dedicated themselves to charity activities.

He has raised a total of VNĐ740 million (US$32,000) which has been used to provide necessary medical protective tools and equipment to medical centres in Bắc Giang and Bắc Ninh provinces, which are facing tremendous stress and difficulties due to the pandemic.

Famous music producer and composer Quốc Trung and singer Thái Thùy Linh have worked with the divo on this campaign.

During the COVID-19 outbreak in March last year, Tùng Dương raised nearly VNĐ2 billion ($87,000). He personally visited several hospitals in Hà Nội to give medical equipment for the protection and prevention of the disease.

On June 12, Việt Nam Television (VTV) revealed a music video entitled Sức Mạnh Việt Nam (Việt Nam’s Strength) on the monthly programme Việc Tử Tế (Deeds of Kindness) on VTV1.

Featuring 50 Vietnamese artists and influencers, the video was produced aiming to encourage people and frontline forces battling the COVID-19, especially in hotspots of Bắc Giang, Bắc Ninh and HCM City.

HCM City-based singer Đông Nhi in the studio recording the video Sức Mạnh Việt Nam (Việt Nam’s Strength). Photo courtesy of VTV

Several famous figures such as diva Thanh Lam, actress Mai Thu Huyền, actor Quang Thắng, comedian Tự Long and Miss Việt Nam 2010 Ngọc Hân, participated in the video.

Sharing her feelings when performing in the video, HCM City-based singer Đông Nhi said: "I wish all the health staff and other frontline forces a lot of health, and that they are firm in their courageous spirit. Together we will overcome difficulties to beat the disease.”

Singer Phạm Thu Hà said: "I always remind any family members to follow the anti-pandemic recommendations of the Ministry of Health. As we are influencers, we are always willing to join with the community to overcome the pandemic."

People's Artist Tự Long said that not only the artists but also the whole society is paying great attention to those working on the frontline battling the pandemic.

“We’ve witnessed the unity and solidarity of all Vietnamese people, especially the determination in fighting against the pandemic. Through the song, we want to send our love and gratitude to those who risk their lives to go to the virus hotspots to save others,” he said.  VNS

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