Exhibition highlights wood-engraved paintings

December 24, 2020 - 00:00
An exhibition of engraving paintings opened in Hà Nội on Tuesday, featuring artists representing different generations of Vietnamese graphics art.


HÀ NỘI — An exhibition of engraving paintings opened in Hà Nội on Tuesday, featuring artists representing different generations of Vietnamese graphics art.

The exhibition entitled Khắc Họa (Engraving Paintings) displays a collection of more than 60 graphic artworks by Trần Nguyên Đán, Lê Mai Khanh and Phạm Khắc Quang. 

"Through the artworks, visitors will have the chance to see a historic period of graphics art development in Việt Nam and a panorama of Vietnamese fine arts as well," said the exhibition's curator Luneta Phan. 

Late artist Khanh (1952-2017) is the only woman to have her work shown at the exhibition. She was a lecturer in the faculty of graphic art at Việt Nam Fine Arts University. 

Her 22 works at the exhibition including wood-engraving painting entitled Tát Nước (Bailing) and Bắt Cá (Fishing). The paintings were displayed at exhibitions in 1995 and in 2005.

Her daughter artist Phương Mai told a press conference that her mother focused on water puppetry in her paintings towards the end of her career.

But only one water puppetry painting entitled Múa Rối Nước (Water Puppet) is being shown at the event. Made in 1998, the painting is a lively image of labour production and cultural activities of Vietnamese people in rural areas.

Khanh had exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the US and France and she won top prizes at the national graphics art exhibition and the national fine arts exhibition.

Her works are displayed at the Việt Nam Museum of Fine Arts and in collections in Poland, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Artist Đán aged 79 is one of the veteran artists making engraving paintings with more than 20 at the exhibition.

The oldest painting is Làng Nhị Khê – Quê Nguyễn Trãi (Nhị Khê Village – Nguyễn Trãi’s Hometown) made in 1979. It features the landscape of Nhị Khê Village in Hà Nội’s outskirt Thường Tín District.

Di Sản Hội An (Hội An Heritage) was made this year for the exhibition, depicting the scenery of Hội An and Ba Mụ Pagoda with the harmony between Japanese and Chinese architecture.

A series of Hội An-themed paintings are also being shown at the exhibition including Hội An Trong Mắt Tôi (Hội An in My Eyes), Phố Cổ Hội An 1 (Hội An Ancient Town) and Người Bán Tò Hè Hội An (Hội An’s Tò He Toy Figurines Seller).

Đán graduated from Industrial Fine Arts College and has been part of solo and group exhibitions in Việt Nam, Japan, Germany, China, Russia, Poland and Japan.

His awards include top prizes at the National Graphics Exhibition and the National Fine Arts Exhibition. He received the State Award for Literature and Arts in 2007.

Last but not least is Quang, whose paintings are rich in themes featuring portraits, villages, landscapes and rituals.

He made a series of portraits about his family members, with the painting an organisation gathering hundreds of small portraits engraved on wooden stamps. Each stamp is printed three times with different shades.

Quang graduated from the Việt Nam Fine Arts University. He has had solo and group exhibitions in Việt Nam, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and France. 

He has won awards at Asean Graphics Art and the National Fine Arts. 

The exhibition runs until February 27 at Lunet Art Gallery, Pan Pacific Hotel, No1 Thanh Niên Road. — VNS