Film on student violence released

August 05, 2020 - 09:40

A TV musical series about school violence fire ted by young filmmakers in HCM City has been released on the SCTV14 channel. 


Young singer Yori, a member of the idol girl band Lip B of HCM City, performs in Chị Đại Mắc Cạn (Mean Girls), a TV music series about school violence. The work is on SCTV14 this month. Photo courtesy of the producer

By Thu Anh

HCM CITY — A TV musical series about school violence fire ted by young filmmakers in HCM City has been released on the SCTV14 channel. 

The 15-episode show, Chị Đại Mắc Cạn (Mean Girls), is about a group of high school boys and girls who face challenges to live and love in the right way. 

It focuses on a beautiful girl named Thương who faces violence from her classmates. She finally becomes stronger and helps her friends study in a safe school environment. 

The film’s young director Trần Toàn used young singers Yori and Han, members of idol girl and boy bands Lip B and Super 9, to play leading roles.

Young actors Thanh Sơn, Minh Tài and Thảo Phạm, graduates of the HCM City University of Theatre & Cinematography, are also featured. 

Toàn invited young singers of Lip B and Super 9 to compose and record soundtracks for his production. 

In an interview with media before the release, Toàn said that TV musical series had returned this summer.

Mean Girls is a song in praise of youth and love. Bravery and honesty are highlighted.” 

“I hope young audiences will see themselves after watching the characters in my film, a production on how boys and girls face and stop violence at school,” said Toàn, who spent two years on filming. 

“Several hundred cases of school violence are reported every year. Students face serious problems and hurts behind the gates of schools and classrooms.”

“I think social media, movies and theatre play a very important role in to educating students to improve their skills to cope with problems at school,” he said.


A scene in Chị Đại Mắc Cạn (Mean Girls) by young director Trần Toàn of HCM City. —  Photo courtesy of the producer 

 According to singer Yori, who plays the film’s leading female role named Thương, Mean Girls describes female high school social cliques and the damaging effects they can have on girls. The film also highlights young girls and their behavior toward their problems. 

“I used my own experience at high school as an inspiration for some of the concepts in the film. I believe I know what school girls and boys do, think and want,” said Yori, who worked hard on her first role in a film.

Mean Girls airs on SCTV14 channel at 6:30pm every Saturday and Sunday. — VNS