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Underground singers nominated as New Artists of the Year   

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Kicker : Singer and musician ĐạtG performs in his music video Khó Vẽ Nụ Cười (Finding Hard to Smile), a production about youth. He has been nominated for the 15th Cống Hiến (Devotion) Prize 2020 for New Artist of the Year presented annually by Thể Thao & Văn Hóa newspaper. (Photo from zing.vn)


HCM CITY— Two underground singers, Thịnh Suy and ĐạtG, have been nominated for the 15th Cống Hiến (Devotion) Award for New Artists of the Year by Việt Nam News Agency’s Thể Thao & Văn Hóa (Sports & Culture) newspaper. 

Singer and songwriter Thịnh, whose real name is Đỗ Quốc Thịnh, became a hitmaker after his four songs reached the top of the charts after their release last year.  

His hit, Một Đêm Say (A Drunk in Night), released in April, has attracted nearly 28 million views on YouTube. The song is about youth and their conflicts in love and life.

Thịnh wrote the song and released it on a MV produced by professionals.

“I don’t even understand Vietnamese, but I like this song. It’s an awesome song. I first listened to it when my Vietnamese friend started playing it on his Bluetooth speaker,” a foreigner commented on YouTube after listening to Một Đêm Say.

Another foreign fan, Koli Hau, wrote:” This song makes me want to learn Vietnamese.”

Hữu Trịnh, music critic and reporter for Thể Thao & Văn Hóa, said: "Thịnh makes his music in a different way than other singers. His songs offer an acoustic style instead of electropop or dance, which is the industry trend."

Thịnh’s biggest competitor is singer, songwriter and musician ĐạtG.

ĐạtG, whose real name is Nguyễn Tấn Đạt, performed with female singer DuUyen in three viral MVs last year.  

While Bánh Mì Không (Bread) is a R&B production, Khó Vẽ Nụ Cười (Finding it Hard to Smile) and Về (Come Back) is a ballad.

Khó Vẽ Nụ Cười has attracted more than 13.5 million views since its release in September.

ĐạtG also wrote and composed three top hits for female pop icons Chi Pu, Hiền Hồ and Miu Lê.

His love song, Anh Ơi Ở Lại (Please Stay), performed by Chi Pu and has attracted 82.5 million viewers since the MV released in April.

Music critics believe ĐạtG will be no longer an underground artist this year.     

Thịnh and ĐạtG will compete with three young singers and musicians, who are under 30 years old, for the Cống Hiến Awards. 

Fans of the artists are awaiting their first prize.

Nearly 100 music critics and reporters from prestigious newspapers and magazines have submitted votes for the Cống Hiến Awards 2020, according to the event’s organiser.

The annual 15th Cống Hiến Awards will present the best show, album and artist in nine categories, which include Best Music Video, Best Album, Best Musician, Best Producer, New Talent, Best Singer, Best Show, New Artist, and Song of the Year.

The awards ceremony will take place in HCM City with a live broadcast scheduled on Vietnam Television on March 22.— VNS


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