Leading opera theatre to perform rock classics

January 06, 2020 - 08:01

A show featuring rock ballads will be performed by artists from the Việt Nam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) for the first time at Hà Nội Opera House on Thursday and Friday.



Vietnamese expatriate conductor Lê Phi Phi returns to Việt Nam for a rock symphony show on Wednesday and Thursday at Hà Nội Opera House. Photo courtesy of organisation board

HÀ NỘI A show featuring rock ballads will be performed by artists from the Việt Nam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) for the first time at Hà Nội Opera House on Thursday and Friday. 

The show, entitled We Are The Champions, will rock audiences with popular pieces by Elvis Presley, Boney M and Queen.

Armed with a new style, timeless tunes including Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You and We Are The World will be played in the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, incorporating modern instruments as well as an orchestra and a choir. 

The pieces have been carefully selected by conductor Lê Phi Phi to ensure a spectacular and unforgettable night.

Under the baton of the conductor, artists from the VNOB and rock musicians promise a combination of the modernity of rock and the classical elegance of symphony.

"It is interesting to sing rock pieces," said opera singer Trịnh Thanh Bình. He will sing German band Scorpion's Still Loving You

"This piece is very popular with meaningful lyrics. I like the words."

To sing the piece, Bình spent time watching videos of Scorpion's performances as well as those by other groups. 

Bình is one of VNOB's leading artists. He has performed in La boheme, Carmen and The Magic Flute.

Young artist Thế Tùng Lâm has the chance to challenge himself with rock music. He will sing British band Queen's Who Wants to Live Forever and Barcelona by songwriters Freddie Mercury and Mike Moran. 

"First, I thought it was strange for opera artists to sing rock," Lâm said. He had never listened to rock before.

"This is a chance for me to get to know rock music. I had to listen to the music to prepare for the concert. I didn’t like it at first, but it grew on me."

The show will include performances by rocker Anh Khoa, Black Long band and guest guitarist Tim Tran. 

Rocker Anh Khoa is known for his performance at the Sao Mai Television Singing Contest in 2006. The contest is one of the country’s most popular song contests, held by Việt Nam National Television.

Guest guitarist Tim Tran came second in Melbourne’s Got Talent for students last year. He is studying composition and music production at Melbourne Polytechnic in Australia. His teacher is Northern Irish singer-songwriter Andy White.

Conductor Phi graduated from the world famous Conservatory of Music P. I. Tchaikovsky.

During his time living and working abroad, he has toured many countries and worked with many European orchestras such as Belgrade Radio and Television Orchestra in Serbia; Dance Orchestra of Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Russia and the Jyvaskyla Sinfonia Orchestra in Finland. 

Phi has often returned to Việt Nam to perform and collaborate closely with local orchestras, such as the Việt Nam National Symphony Orchestra; the VNOB and Hồ Chí Minh City Opera and Ballet Theatre.

He is also a bridge between Vietnamese artists living and working abroad with domestic performing companies. 

On returning to his homeland, he decided to join the VNOB bringing a breath of fresh air to Vietnamese audiences with Rock Symphony - We Are The Champions.

"We want rock fans to learn more about classical music as well as bring classical music enthusiasts closer to rock," said VNOB's acting director Trần Ly Ly. 

The show will begin at 8pm on Thursday and Friday (Jan 9 &10). Call 097 7377456 for ticket information. VNS