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Flood season in the Mekong Delta

Update: October, 19/2019 - 09:37

The flood season in the Cửu Long (Mekong) River Delta is a natural phenomenon that occurs each year on the downstream Mekong River.

Flood season products for sale at Vị Thanh Market, Hậu Giang City. VNA/VNS Photo Duy Khương

The season lasts for three months between the seventh and tenth lunar months.

As the water rises locals look to switch trade. Instead of farming, they start to exploit aquatic animals and plants washed in by the flood waters.

Lotus stems for sale. The stems can be made into various dishes.`

The flood waters carry silt to the downstream Mekong River in both Việt Nam and Cambodia.

The flood season brings vitality to the delta.

This year, the flood season has been abnormal, because it arrived later and receded earlier than usual. Experts said the reasons for this were natural disasters and human actions.

Sạc (snakeskin gourami) fish , a seasonal product.

This year, as a consequence of the El-nino phenomenon, a serious drought hit Southeast Asia, with rainfall scarce across the region.

Local farmers catch fish in a field. 

People had to take responsibility for at least part of this, because the situation was becoming more serious with the construction of hydro-power dams and reservoirs upstream, according to experts. — VNS

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