Nam to mark Mexican Independence Day on September 16

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Enhancing ties between Mexico and Việt Nam

September, 15/2018 - 09:00

Mexican Ambassador Sara Valdes Bolano reflects on the latest developments in her country and relations with Việt Nam to mark Mexican Independence Day on September 16

Viva Mexico: The sculpture "City Stories" by Paloma Torres was donated by Mexico to Danang´s APEC Park on the occasion of APEC 2018. — Photo courtesy of the Mexican Embassy
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Mexican Ambassador Sara Valdes Bolano reflects on the latest developments in her country and relations with Việt Nam to mark Mexican Independence Day on September 16

Mexico held presidential, parliament and local elections on July 1. This process, the largest ever in its history, will lead to a new administration on December 1. During his sixth State of the Nation Address, President Enrique Pena Nieto declared that our nation is ready to continue growing and developing in the coming years and decades.

This will be possible thanks to sound public finances that include low inflation, a 78 per cent increase in total taxpayers in 6 years, as well as a decreasing and manageable public debt. Formal employment increased by 800,000 new jobs per year; foreign direct investment is over US$192 billion to date, with almost $200 billion in FDI commitments (which will be realised in the future) in the energy sector alone. This year Mexico became the sixth top tourist destination worldwide.

Other accomplishments include telecommunication projects that will allow at least 92 per cent of the population to have access to broadband services by 2024; infrastructure projects that have doubled port activity, improved the road network, and developed more rail and airport projects in 6 years. As well as several new generation trade agreements and closer relations with countries that share the same values and interests.

Among the latter, Việt Nam holds a very special place. Over four decades of relations based on mutual respect, friendship and cooperation came to the fore by Presidents Enrique Pena Nieto and Trần Đại Quang during their meeting in Đà Nẵng in November 2017. Both leaders agreed to foster relations in all areas, especially in the economic sector. This common goal was confirmed in January by the Speaker of the Mexican Senate who held meetings with the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Việt Nam, Nguyễn Phú Trọng and with Chairwoman of the National Assembly, Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân.

Bilateral trade has increased steadily between 2009 and 2016, and in 2017 it totalled $4.9 billion. This is bound to develop since our countries are both signatories of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), ratified by the Mexican Senate last April. In this perspective, the Joint Committee on Economic Trade and Investment Co-operation held its First Meeting in November 2017 at the vice-ministerial level. This year, three Mexican trade missions visited Việt Nam, while a Vietnamese export mission was in my country this week.

Bilateral co-operation has broadened to new areas, including defence, training in public administration, diplomatic studies, as well as in research on forestry, agriculture and animal husbandry. To promote deeper understanding among our peoples through art, cultural co-operation is a key area of Mexico-Việt Nam ties. Among other activities, Mexico was present at the Huế Festival 2018, where performances by the Nematatlin Mexican folk group were much appreciated by Vietnamese audiences.

The establishment of the Honorary Consulate of Mexico in HCM City last December is contributing substantially to foster trade, cultural and people-to-people relations.

Shared principles and views are at the heart of strong cooperation in the multilateral agenda, including peace and security, disarmament, sustainable development and combating climate change. Global challenges in the economic, social, security and environmental spheres affect not only our countries but also our regions and the planet as a whole. Mexico and Việt Nam are both deeply committed to the multilateral system and ready to further enhance coordination in reaching global solutions to these challenges.