Animated film projects about Việt Nam’s history launched

June 11, 2018 - 09:00

Well-known events in Vietnamese history will be depicted in several new animated film projects by young filmmakers next month.


A scene in Giấy (Paper), the first chapter of Tử Chiến Thành Đa Bang (The Battle of Đa Bang), a new animated film project using 3D technology by Đuốc Mồi Studio. It has attracted more than 142,000 views on Youtube. — Photo courtesy of the producer
Viet Nam News

Thu Anh

HCM CITY —  Well-known events in Vietnamese history will be depicted in several new animated film projects by young filmmakers next month. 

Loa Thành Rực Lửa (Flaming Citadel), a film using 3D technology, takes place from 257 to 179 BC under the reign of An Dương Vương when Vietnamese lived in what was known as the Cổ Loa Citadel (now on the outskirts of Hà Nội) of the Âu Lạc kingdom.

The film’s five-minute trailer on YouTube has attracted more than 4,500 views.

The film is the first of a larger project called Hạt Thóc và Những Chuyến Du Hành Xuyên Thời Gian (Rice and Time Travel) by a young filmmaker from Hạc Thần Studio.    

Loa Thành Rực Lửa, which  will include five episodes of colourful images and simple language, will contain historical and fantasy elements.

“Our film serves children aged 8-15. We’ve worked hard to make our production completely different from Vietnamese ones which have boring pictures and contain very strict moral themes,” Lê Thắm, scriptwriter at Hạc Thần Studio, said. "High-tech, sophisticated productions attract children.”

Thắm and her staff spent more than two years on filming.

“We hope the first part of Loa Thành Rực Lửa will be released next month,” she said.

Another film project is Việt Sử Kiêu Hùng (Valiant Vietnamese History), a series on historical events under the Trần and Hồ dynasties between 1225 and 1400, launched by Đuốc Mồi Studio.  

The first episode, Tử Chiến Thành Đa Bang (Battle of Đa Bang), is divided into three chapters and uses 3D technology.

The first chapter, Giấy (Paper), released in January, has attracted more than 142,000 views on YouTube.

The second chapter, Huyết Mạch Trần Gia (Tale of Trần Dynasty) will be released later this month. Its teaser has attracted more than 10,000 view on YouTube.  

"We have researched documents and books about the nation’s historical events and victories, and legendary heroes during filming,” Trần Minh Tuấn, head of the film crew, said. 

YouTube hits

The animated film Con Rồng Cháu Tiên (Offspring of Dragon and Fairy), a production by Trẻ Studio in co-operation with Redcat Motion, has attracted more than 9.1 million views on YouTube.

The 20-minute work is about the legend of Lạc Long Quân (holy dragon) and Âu Cơ (fairy bird) and their children (50 boys and 50 girls), who were hatched from 1,000 eggs.

It features the work and fights of the couple and their children to gain peace and happiness.   

The producers spent more than VNĐ2 billion (US$87,700) on the production.

“Through Con Rồng Cháu Tiên, young people can learn bravery, honour and responsibility. They’ll improve their knowledge about Vietnamese history and learn about independence," a viewer from Đồng Nai Province wrote in the comment section on YouTube.

Another 3D animated film, Đại Chiến Bạch Đằng (The Victorious Bạch Đằng Battle), a production by students at the HCM City-based Hồng Bàng University, has remained popular since its release in 2012.

It has attracted 70,000 views on YouTube three months since its release.

The six-minute film features the Bạch Đằng Battle in 938, a famous event on the Bạch Đằng River between the Vietnamese, led by Ngô Quyền, and Chinese invaders under the Han dynasty.

One dramatic scene depicts Ngô Quyền showing his troops how to place iron-clad wooden spikes, invisible during high tides, in the river-bed.

After Quyền launched a counter-attack at low tide, the enemy’s large boats ran aground as they were pierced by the pointed stakes.

The victory of Bạch Đẳng ended the 1,000-year rule of northern feudalism, opening a period of national independence and sovereignty. 

“We received financial support from several domestic sponsors and companies who shared their love for Vietnamese animations,” said Phan Gia An, director of Trẻ Studio, with local media. 

“Animation is a promising market. Young  filmmakers and film companies should be involved in the industry,” he added.

“I think animated films shown on social media will help lure young audiences back to Vietnamese movies,” he said. — VNS