Culture Vulture: Việt Anh holds live show

July, 20/2016 - 10:47

Born in 1976, Việt Anh became known for his songs which topped Làn Sóng Xanh, a domestic popular music chart, in the 1990s. Musician Việt Anh spoke about his first live show.

Established musician Việt Anh will perform his first live show to celebrate his 20-year career. Named after his top hit, liveshow Dòng Sông Lơ Đãng (Wandering River), will take a narrative line at Hòa Bình Theatre on July 29.

Conducted by Trần Nhật Minh, accompanied by the Sài Gòn Pops Orchestra, the show will premiere three new songs by Việt Anh.

Born in 1976, Việt Anh became known for his songs which topped Làn Sóng Xanh, a domestic popular music chart, in the 1990s.

He graduated with a Master of Composition degree from Waikato University in New Zealand in 2011. His works include symphonies, film scores and musical pieces for dance. He has been working with the HCM City Ballet, Symphony and Orchestra (HBSO) most recently.

Musician Việt Anh spoke about his first live show.

Why do you want to perform a live show now?

I decided to perform a live show at the urging of my friends and fans. But I kept putting it off. Recently I decided to do something to celebrate being 40 years old. I have friends who are always ready to help me.

I’m doing my best, despite limited finances. I hope to experience moments I can write about in my songs.

Audiences in HCM City seem to be losing interest in live shows. Will your upcoming show attract the public?

I’m worried about selling tickets. But I believe audiences will support me because it is the first live show of my career. It will be worth seeing. It is my show, but audiences will also be charmed by emotional performances by other singers. All of the singers richly deserve their fans coming to see the live show.

The live show will be staged by my friend, director Trần Vi Mỹ. He is a well-known director of A-list singers’ live shows.

How about you? Are you worried about singing in front of a crowd?

When I was single, and even when I married, I was shy of crowds. I liked to be backstage.

But when I had a child I thought I needed to grow up. I had to master myself. It took me a long time to be confident enough to appear in front of a crowd.

What makes a song writer successful?

Song writing needs great effort and hard work. Nobody can be successful in one night. A professional musician will gain recognition and respect from his colleagues.

Why did you decide to study in New Zealand, when you were already a successful songwriter?

I learned classical music at a young age. At that time I wanted to write music for instruments. Songwriting depends more on emotions. Writing instrumental music requires professional knowledge.

I was 25 years old and at a standstill when I decided to study in New Zealand. I thought if would be more difficult for me to study later on.

Why did you agree to work at the State-owned HBSO?

One of my parents was an HBSO founder. I’m familiar with all the HBSO artists. Most importantly, HBSO is the only place I can develop my career. — VNS