Many Vietnamese travellers prefer long domestic trip this summer

June 29, 2024 - 08:36
HCM City is among the top leisure destinations that Vietnamese travellers plan to visit this summer holiday.
A view in Cao Bằng Province. About 46 per cent of Vietnamese travellers are looking at a long domestic trip and 35 per cent want to take a long international trip this year. Photo courtesy of

HCM City is among the top leisure destinations that Vietnamese travellers plan to visit this summer holidays.

Additionally, Đà Nẵng, Nha Trang, Đà Lạt, Hội An, Hà Nội, Vũng Tàu, Phú Quốc, Hạ Long, and Quy Nhơn are also listed as the top 10 most-wanted destinations.

A new report from revealed that 46 per cent of Vietnamese travellers are considering a long domestic trip and 35 per cent want to take a long international trip this year.

Every year, summer uncovers intriguing travel patterns about Vietnamese tourists. This year, summer promises to be a season of exploration and rejuvenation for travellers who are seizing this opportunity to travel either domestically or venturing overseas, the report says.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in HCM City. The city is among the top leisure destinations that Vietnamese travellers plan to visit this summer holiday. Photo courtesy of

According to, the mountains remain irresistible for Vietnamese looking to escape the summer heat with 57 per cent of Vietnamese travellers saying that they would like to take a nature trip this year followed by a cultural experience, at about 48 per cent, beaches at 45 per cent, and city breaks at 36 per cent.

While domestic travel continues to shine, Vietnamese are also exploring short and long-haul destinations within Asia and beyond.

Bangkok’s proximity to Việt Nam, coupled with its cultural contrasts and culinary delights, leads the list of most searched international destinations this summer. Other Asian destinations like Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur are also high on the summer travel wish list of Vietnamese.

Moreover, Vietnamese travellers have also set their sights on long-haul destinations for this summer with Paris and London ranking in fourth and eighth on the list. The dynamic Australian metropolises of Sydney and Melbourne are also drawing significant interest. data reveals distinct travel preferences among different demographics. Solo travellers favour city breaks, families tend to seek nature escapes, groups gravitate towards scenic getaways while couples enjoy a mix of bustling metros and serene retreats. shares insights into what different Vietnamese travellers are looking for in their holidays.

Varun Grover, country head, Việt Nam, at, said: “Summer has always been a peak travel season, but in recent years this is witnessing a significant shift in how Vietnamese approach it. While Vietnamese travellers are exploring both domestic and overseas destinations, we are seeing travellers gravitating towards culturally significant or leisure-oriented destinations with a growing desire for immersive experiences.”

Destinations to escape the crowd

To help people who want to spend a holiday in a quiet place, points out a list of destinations.

With nearly half, 44 per cent, of Vietnamese holidaymakers motivated to travel to places they haven’t been before, the company shares a list of alternative destinations worth exploring beyond the usual tourist hotspots, perfect for an unforgettable summer escape in Việt Nam.

The destinations include Xuyên Mộc, Bái Tử Long Bay, Cao Bằng, Mũi Né, and Gia Lai.

Located in Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu Province, Xuyên Mộc boasts pristine beaches with soft, golden sand ideal for relaxing in the summer sun. Explore untouched coral reefs teeming with marine life or hike along scenic trails offering breathtaking coastal views.

Beyond the iconic Hạ Long Bay, lies Bái Tử Long Bay, a majestic bay adorned with hundreds of islets and caves. This stunning natural wonder has been recognised as the 38th ASEAN Heritage Park for its ecological integrity, naturalness and high conservation values. Kayak through towering rock formations, discover hidden caves and immerse in the bay’s pristine beauty without having to worry about the crowds.

An image of Bái Tử Long Bay, a majestic bay adorned with hundreds of islands and caves. Photo courtesy of

Cao Bằng is the original place of Việt Nam's revolution. With many historic sites and picturesque landscapes, the province is an ideal destination for this summer. Navigate the legendary Bản Giốc Waterfalls, a scenic motorbike route offering stunning rice paddies and a memorable experience of the local culture. Explore the Ngườm Ngao Cave or discover the historical relics of the Pắc Bó Cave, a former revolutionary base.

Gia Lai is an excellent alternative for those planning a holiday this summer but looking to escape the crowds. This destination is known for its untouched mountainous landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls like Hang Én cascading through the lush jungles and unique cuisine. Explore the Kon Tum Communal House, a remarkable architectural feat showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage. Hike through the coffee plantations or visit a village of ethnic minority and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the Gia Lai locals. VNS

Vietnamese ranks fifth in spending during Japan’s Sakura season

Vietnamese tourists were ranked fifth for spending during Japan's Sakura season, and Japan remains a favoured travel destination for many Vietnamese travellers, reported Visa Vietnam. A Visa survey, Green Shoots Radar study, indicates a renewed interest in travel among Vietnamese tourists, with 41 per cent of respondents planning leisure trips in the next six months. During the Sakura season, these travellers experienced a 22 per cent increase in per-card expenditure, particularly in Japanese department stores, pharmacies, and luxury establishments. Most of the Vietnamese expenditure was concentrated in Tokyo, Osaka, Chiba, Shizuoka, and Aichi.While ranked fifth for spending during Japan’s Sakura season, Vietnamese tourists accounted for 74 per cent of the total expenditure of Singaporean travellers and surpassed the average tourism spending of Southeast Asian and East Asian holidaymakers. Over 45 per cent of their spending was recorded on the first day of their holiday. Spending patterns varied based on income levels, with affluent travellers allocating 20 per cent to 30 per cent of their total expenses on accommodation before shifting focus to shopping experiences later in the trip. On the other hand, budget travellers predominantly spent on dining and shopping.There is a growing trend toward contactless payments, with a 14 per cent increase in overall usage during the Sakura season. Vietnamese travellers also showed a more than 5 per cent increase in the use of contactless payments during this period. This trend reflects rising demand for seamless payment solutions, spurred by adoption in sectors such as restaurants and grocery stores. VNS