Contest honours technological contributions and promotes digital transformation

June 04, 2024 - 11:13
Vietnam News Agency (VNA) collaborated with Viettel Group to launch the first high humanity and technology themed awards.

Representatives from Vietnam News Agency and Viettel seen at the launch ceremony of Technology with Heart awards. VNA/VNS Photo

HÀ NỘI Hundreds of high quality entries have been entered into the first high technology and humanity themed awards, organised by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) together with the Viettel Group.

The Technology with Heart awards aims to honour the significant contributions of technology, convey meaningful messages and spread a positive images about humanity and techhonology, working towards a digital society where the community is happier, wealthier and safer thanks to technology.

This is the first time Việt Nam has had a competition focused on high-tech photography and video.

According to Major General Tào Đức Thắng, Chairman and General Director of the Viettel Group, the awards hold practical significance in promoting and accelerating the country's digital transformation process.

“The awards serve as a comprehensive picture, allowing the public to gain a clearer understanding of technology applications in everyday life,” he said.

Just three months after launch, the awards have received over 800 entries from 318 contestants, including nearly 1,700 photographs and 100 video clips, showcasing the important contributions of technology across all aspects of life.

In the still image category, 614 single photographs have been submitted, along with 144 photo series each showcasing between five and eight images each.

According to head of the jury board, journalist Nguyễn Thắng, Editor-in-Chief of the Vietnam Pictorial Newspaper, Technology with Heart helps to spread information about technology's achievements.

“As it has attracted a large number of entries and participants, the awards have been assessed to be a success and meet the established criteria,” he said.

After three rounds of judging, the jury board has selected and decided to award prizes to ten single photographs, 12 photo series and ten video works.

Most of the entries, Thắng said, closely aligned with the theme. Many contestants have been able to creatively and diversely capture impressive technology-related moments.

“The works are pictures across the country, from the mountainous regions to the deltas, from urban to rural areas, and even coastal islands.

“The quality of the entries was quite high, with some works by professional journalists and photographers being truly outstanding in terms of informational content and technical execution. These entries were able to convincingly impress the jury to win high scores,” he said.

In the video category, journalist Nguyễn Quang Vũ, Deputy Director of the Vietnam News Agency Television Center (VNEWS) and a member of the judging board said nearly a hundred entries were all consistently of high quality.

“The works demonstrated creativity with a humane perspective, receiving thorough investment from topic and character selection to post-production.

“The video entries that advanced to the final round of judging have all been meticulously crafted, with a level of quality that 'presented a challenge' for the jury board in their consideration and selection of the winners,” he said.

The awards ceremony and exhibition of the best works from the Technology with Heart will take place at Vietnam News Agency headquarters on June 5. VNS