Top singers to feature in concert about celebrated musician Ngô Thuỵ Miên

July 17, 2023 - 07:47
Women and love will be the themes of a concert featuring Vietnamese-American musician Ngô Thuỵ Miên in Hà Nội next month. 


TRIBUTE CONCERT: Pop icon Elvis Phương will perform in the concert called Mắt Biếc (Blue Eyes), featuring love songs by Vietnamese-American songwriter Ngô Thuỵ Miên. Photo courtesy of the producer. 

HCM CITY Women and love will be the themes of a concert featuring a veteran "writer of love songs" Ngô Thuỵ Miên in Hà Nội next month. 

The event called Mắt Biếc (Blue Eyes) celebrates Miên’s 60-year career. 

It attracts pop icon Elvis Phương, known as Pop Prince in the 1970s, who achieved success in a career singing rock'n'roll, pop, and also Vietnamese folk songs. 

Young singers Trí Anh, Ngân Thuỳ and Nhật Trường are also included. 

The singers will perform Miên’s love songs, which were hits in the 1960s-70s. 

Highlighted works include Mắt BiếcNiệm Khúc Cuối (Last Verse) and Mùa Thu Cho Em (Be My Autumn). 

Áo Lụa Hà Đông (The White Silk Dress) and Tuổi 13 (Age 13), two of the musician’s most famous songs using lyrics based on the works of famous poet Nguyên Sa, are featured. 

“We will introduce new versions of Miên’s hits to meet the taste of young audiences,” said the concert’s art director and mixer Nguyễn Quang. 

According to Quang, the concert will include a fashion catwalk featuring the latest designs of áo dài (traditional long dress) by Thanh Hương Bùi. Catwalk models will move to the music from the song Áo Lụa Hà Đông. “Our female singers will also perform in áo dài by Hương,” he said. 


LIVING LEGEND: Musician Ngô Thuỵ Miên has 60 years in the industry. — Photo courtesy of the producer. 

Miên was born in 1948 in the northern port city of Hải Phòng, moved to Sài Gòn (former name of HCM City) in 1954, and now is based in the United States. He began composing music when he was only 15 years old. 

In 1965, he became a phenomenon in the industry in South Việt Nam after releasing the romantic song Chiều Nay Không Có Em (Without You This Afternoon).  

He produced his first album with a group of friends in 1974. The album entitled, Tình Ca Ngô Thụy Miên (Ngô Thụy Miên's Love Songs) featured 17 songs written between 1965 and 1972. 

Miên has composed more than 70 songs about love and women. Many of his hits were performed by famous singers such as Thái Thanh, Khánh Ly and Lệ Thu. 

His latest songs released in 2000, called Mưa Trên Cuộc Tình Tôi (Rain in My Heart), quickly became a hit and has attracted many young fans.  

The concert Mắt Biếc is scheduled to open at 8pm on August 12 at the Opera House in Hà Nội, 1 Tràng Tiền Street, Hoàn Kiếm District. Tickets are available at — VNS