Coastal areas of Ninh Thuận polluted by waste

May 14, 2021 - 08:52
Coastal areas of Ninh Thuận Province are at high risk of pollution from the large amount of waste discharged in the locality.


The embankment in Đông Hải Ward, Phan Rang - Tháp Chàm City is full of garbage. — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyễn Thành

NINH THUẬN — Coastal areas of Ninh Thuận Province are at high risk of pollution from the large amount of waste discharged in the locality.

Many embankments and canals have been filled with garbage, increasing the likelihood of disease outbreaks.

In many embankments, fishing ports, seafood markets and canals in residential areas of coastal localities in Phan Rang City and Ninh Hải and Thuận Nam districts, waste has piled up on the shore, with garbage floating in the canals and ditches.

Black canals and ditches have caused an unsightly appearance, harmed the marine environment and affected people's health.

The sea embankment stretching hundreds of metres in Đông Hải Ward in Phan Rang has become a gathering place for all kinds of non-biodegradable domestic wastes.

Rubbish from production activities damaged fishing nets and dead animal carcasses emit a stench and lure flies and mosquitoes, impacting the lives of people living near the embankment.

A local woman, Nguyễn Thị Ánh, said authorities have put up signs banning dumping but some people ignored them to throw rubbish into the embankment.

"Every time there is a strong wind, garbage is scattered on the shore, into the sea, for a long time, it accumulates in piles," she said.

"Whenever the sea wind blows, the smell of rotten garbage enters local houses. It is unbearable, we have to close the doors tightly all day."

Nguyễn Văn Vinh, Deputy Chairman of Đông Hải Ward People's Committee, said local authorities have put up the anti-dumping signs in residential areas but to little effect.

"Local authorities will arrange more garbage trucks along the embankment route, increasing the working time of sanitation workers," he said.

"We will check and severely fine acts of environmental pollution.”

The Đầm Nại embankment area extending from the foot of Ninh Chữ Bridge to Tri Thủy Bridge (Ninh Hải District) is also full of garbage.

This area is home to the Nại seafood market and is used by a large number of boats all day, creating a large amount of waste from processing aquatic and seafood products, as well as ice production.

Wastewater and solid waste such as styrofoam boxes, damaged fishing nets and other items are discharged into the environment.

Waste pollution in this area has been an issue for many years, but the situation remains the same.

The province has implemented many measures to clean up the environment at beaches, fishing ports and residential areas, using garbage collection trucks and getting people to sign commitments not to litter.

Littering has been limited, but the marine environment pollution due to plastic waste and domestic waste is a huge challenge for Ninh Thuận.

"It is time for local authorities and communities to be more drastic in controlling the waste collection, transportation and treatment along the coast,” said Vinh.

"At the same time, Ninh Thuận Province needs to have necessary punishments to strictly handle acts of discharge causing environmental pollution." — VNS