10 outstanding events for Vietnamese cybersecurity in 2020

January 23, 2021 - 07:20

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) under the Authority of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications, recently announced 10 outstanding events for Vietnamese cybersecurity in 2020

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). — Photo Vietnam+

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) under the Authority of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications, recently announced 10 outstanding events for Vietnamese cybersecurity in 2020

1. Ensuring cybersecurity for major international events hosted by Việt Nam

Last year was a very special year for Việt Nam. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the country demonstrated its role as chair of ASEAN and offered new initiatives to contribute to the world.

Facing common difficulties and challenges, Việt Nam held a series of major and important online international and regional events last year.

Contributing to the overall success was the significant contribution of cybersecurity experts from the ministries of information and communications, public security and national defence, and service providers. Ensuring absolute security for these events demonstrated Việt Nam's responsibility, role and image in the international arena.

2. All ministries, branches and localities basically implement Security Operation Centre (SOC) connecting with NCSC

That all ministries, branches and localities have basically implemented the SOC and technically connected with NCSC is a new step in information security assurance at agencies and units.

Implementing SOC helps ministries, agencies and localities to be proactive in ensuring cybersecurity. More than 10 Vietnamese enterprises provide SOC products and services.

3. The campaign to scan and process malware is deployed in the entire of Vietnamese cyberspace

The campaign to scan and handle malware nationwide by NCSC accompanies businesses in the Việt Nam Malware and Cyber-attack Prevention alliance and international enterprises.

Through the website khonggianmang.vn/chiendich2020 from September to December last year, the campaign was carried out in all provinces and cities from local to central levels.

4. WhiteHat Grand Prix Global Cyber ​​Security Competition 06 and Student Contest with ASEAN Information Security 2020

Many national and international cybersecurity competitions were held last year, notably, the global cybersecurity competition WhiteHat Grand Prix 06 and ASEAN Students Contest on Information Security 2020.

These competitions contributed to developing safe human resources and cybersecurity in Việt Nam while enhancing the country's image and position in the international arena. 

5. Việt Nam one of the first countries to announce the list of requirements for technical quotas for terminals, base transceiver stations and quality of 5G service

The spread of 5G technology will create breakthroughs in the scale and speed of information. Việt Nam is accelerating the commercialisation of 5G mobile networks. The Ministry of Information and Communications has determined the most essential factor when implementing 5G is cybersecurity.

Therefore, a legal framework for information security for 5G networks has been established.

6. Make-in-Việt Nam cybersecurity product ecosystems account for more than 90 per cent of product categories

Việt Nam's capacity to ensure cybersecurity is based on a very important foundation, which is the products, services and solutions in the information security ecosystem owned by Vietnamese enterprises. 

Statistics showed the rate of safe products for domestic network security increased to 55 per cent by 2019 from only five per cent in 2015.

A huge milestone in cybersecurity by last year is that Việt Nam has owned more than 90 per cent of the cybersecurity product ecosystem serving Party and State agencies and Vietnamese people.

6. Two major programmes: Việt Nam Information Security Day 2020

Hosted by VNISA, in collaboration with the Authority of Information Security, the Việt Nam Information Security Day 2020 took place for the first time both offline and online. This was the largest and most prominent forum in the country last year.

Issues discussed at the forum aimed to promote Vietnamese businesses to own the cybersecurity ecosystem, products and services for national digital transformation.

7. DF Cyber ​​Defence 2020 cybersecurity competition a highlight event of Banking Tech 2020, organised by NCSC and IEC Group

The event included 30 enterprises and organisations in the fields of finance - banking, insurance and securities.

The competition is expected to be an annual activity in the financial and banking sector.

8. Government's measures against spam messages, spam emails, and spam calls bring results

Decree 91/2020 on combating spam messages, emails and calls was issued by the Government on August 14 last year.

It can be seen the Government's drastic measures to combat spam messages, spam emails and spam calls last year have brought remarkable results and changes.

9. Taking advantage of online working during COVID-19, online tricks soared

NCSC experts said online fraud is a common and longstanding form of cyberattack. Taking advantage of the complex situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in which almost all activities went online, fraud through cyberspace has been increasing, especially targeting people using telecommunications and social networks.

10. A series of popular software and products exploited for vulnerabilities to attack APT

Groups of hackers all over the world were very active last year while the world was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hackers took advantage of security weaknesses of products, software and applications to launch cyberattacks.

Việt Nam was no exception when it comes to detect and prevented a series of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks. — VNS