German Lower Saxony's delegation visit to PVI strengthens Việt Nam-Germany business ties

October 03, 2023 - 16:37
The visit of the Lower Saxony delegation to PVI signifies a crucial step in consolidating relations between Việt Nam and Germany and strengthens the ties between PVI and German investors.
Delegation of Lower Saxony State of Germany visits PVI's headquarters in Hà Nội. — Photo courtesy of PVI

HÀ NỘI — A business delegation from the Lower Saxony State of Germany on Monday paid a visit to the headquarters of PVI Joint Stock Company (PVI) in Hà Nội, signifying a strengthened cooperation between businesses from the two countries.

The meeting aligned with the visit of Lower Saxony's premier, Stephan Weil, who is accompanied by representatives of more than 40 businesses from Lower Saxony to Việt Nam on Monday.

During the meeting, the German state’s premier shared about Lower Saxony's strengths. As Germany's second-largest state, Lower Saxony is renowned for its robust industrial development, notably as Europe's largest automobile industry cluster, featuring prominent names such as Volkswagen and Continental. Moreover, the state plays a pivotal role in Germany's renewable energy sector, particularly in wind and biomass, aligning well with potential collaboration in Việt Nam's gas energy transition planning.

Germany holds a significant position as Việt Nam's largest trading partner in the EU, with bilateral trade reaching 18 billion euros (over US$19 billion) in 2022. Conversely, Việt Nam is Germany's most prominent trading partner in ASEAN. Presently, over 500 German companies have established their presence in Việt Nam.

From a local cooperation perspective, trade between Việt Nam and Lower Saxony was valued at 1.4 billion euros ($1.46 billion) last year, equivalent to more than one-tenth of the trade revenue between the two countries.

HDI Global SE, based in Lower Saxony and wholly owned by the Talanx Insurance Group, is investing in PVI. With ownership of more than 50 per cent of PVI's equity, HDI Global SE provides crucial support in management expertise, product development, risk management, and human resources.

Stephan Weil commended the productive cooperation between PVI and HDI in recent years, highlighting their established and prestigious standing in both countries' insurance industry. Meanwhile, Hoàng Quốc Vượng, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Petrovietnam, expressed Petrovietnam's commitment to supporting PVI comprehensively, from strategy and mechanisms, aiming to solidify its leading position domestically and globally.

Lower Saxony's premier, Stephan Weil, speaks at the meeting.

Vượng also shared Petrovietnam's responsibility in leading the energy transition and renewable energy development in Việt Nam, aligning with the strengths of German enterprises in technology, policies and financial resources. He called for support from Lower Saxony's authority to facilitate cooperation between Petrovietnam’s units and German enterprises in these areas, emphasising the need for PVI to play an active role in enhancing and supporting this collaboration.

Jens Wohlthat, PVI’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, highlighted the company's expansion in various Asian markets, leveraging HDI Global SE's global network to provide insurance solutions domestically and internationally. PVI's success story underscores the power of strategic collaboration.

The visit of the Lower Saxony delegation, comprising many large German businesses, not only signifies a crucial step in consolidating trade and investment relations between Việt Nam and Germany but also strengthens the ties between PVI and German investors. This development opens up new prospects for long-term cooperation, particularly in expanding industrial insurance activities, an area in which PVI has demonstrated strength over the years. — VNS